Defenders USA – Defend yourself & those you love

Criminal with KnifeWhen a good day turns bad – really bad – what do you do?  If you find yourself in a place where you have to choose between becoming a victim or defending yourself, what do you do?  What if the potential victim is not you, but a loved one?  Or even a person you don’t know?  What do you do?

Defensive Firearms & Hand to Hand Training

Defenders USA teaches you how to defend yourself, your loved ones and your community through comprehensive defensive firearms training.  Our introductory, defensive, and advanced courses teach you handgun safety and skills, covering critical knowledge and tactics not found in many courses available to civilians.  If you are looking for knowledge and skills to protect yourself, your loved ones and your community, you have stepped out from the crowd.  Now, let Defenders USA provide you with the knowledge and skills you will need to become a responsible and effective defender.  Read on to learn more about our Defenders Series Defensive Handgun Course.

Adam Winch created Defenders USA from his experience and training while serving in the US Army as a Military Police Officer and as a Police Officer in the Grand Junction Police Department.  As a Police Officer, Adam saw many cases that may have been avoided if the victim had known how to break free and get away (unarmed) or how to defend themselves against a more serious threat (armed).  It is through this unique combination of military and police experience, that Adam created Defenders USA in hopes that teaching others would prevent another victim.

He brings his expertise into the classroom and range for an engaging and thought-provoking learning experience.  The courses are designed to  teach the importance of defensive training, both armed and unarmed,  to any audience –  so every one may feel confident they are prepared no matter what they may face.

With KKCO 11 News – April 2015


“I have a friend who is an experienced gun handler tell me about these “amazing defensive gun courses”. I thought he was just exaggerating. I decided to take a series and found out that there was no exaggeration whatsoever. Adam’s classes are incredible! This is a ministry for Adam that is dedicated to help each individual fully understand and experience ALL that he or she should know as a responsible gun owner. The typical NRA gun class compared to Adam’s class is like Cub Scouts verses Special Ops.; it is like timid ignorance verses in-your-face have a clear understanding. Adam not only has the knowledge and experience to cover all aspects of gun handling and ownership, he is a truly gifted teacher. It is no exaggeration to say that you would have to pay two to three times the amount Adam charges for similar courses that most likely wouldn’t come close to imparting the same knowledge and experience. If you have or want to obtain a CCW, if you own guns with any thought of defending yourself or anyone else, then you need Adam’s class. That is no exaggeration! My only regret is not having taken a course like this from Adam years ago. It has changed everything about my perspective of gun types and makes, defensive gun handling and legal considerations. His training techniques and anecdotes of personal experience will leave you with an invaluable lasting experience and knowledge.”

“Runnin’ & Gunnin’. I can’t say enough positive things about the Defender’s USA course that I attended this weekend. Friday night’s CCW class was extremely informative and educational. Saturday, we spent all day in the Defensive Handgun Course learning everything from “this is a gun” to moving & shooting, high stress situations, precise engagements and more. I’ve never turned on the lead faucet while being so accurate and efficient. Adam Winch is an incredible instructor who truly cares about teaching and saving lives. His personality and sense of humor is paramount in helping everyone enjoy themselves while learning and refining these life saving skills. If you own and/or carry a firearm for self defense, you MUST attend these classes.”