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At Defenders USA, our instructors are not only credentialed professionals with hundreds of hours of experience on the range, they are good people with a genuine interest in your journey. They will teach you proven techniques and industry best practices for mastering the mindset, marksmanship, and tactics that are appropriate for your life and goals.

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Defenders USA offers courses in Concealed Carry, Home Defense, Church Security, Instructor Training, Sniper Craft, Speed and Precision Handgun, Advanced Rifle, and much more!

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Where's my dot?!

This last weekend, I taught a Handgun Speed, Accuracy & Movement class in Mesa, AZ. I shouldn't have; I was recovering from a recent surgical

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Higher Importance

Of our two little stinkers, my oldest is still out of school for the last week of his Christmas break. Today, we're ensconced tightly on

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