About Defenders USA

Defenders USA provides comprehensive basic, advanced, and tactical firearms and defensive training designed to teach introductory and advanced firearm safety and skills.  The flagship course of Defenders USA is the Defenders Series – a twenty-hour defensive handgun training course targeted to civilians who are actually serious about defense of life and concealed carry of a handgun.  Adam Winch, the creator of the Defenders Series, has been teaching defensive and tactical firearm courses to civilians and military personnel for approximately five years before creating Defenders USA.

Our Vision

concealed carry gun classDefenders USA was started as an answer to the need Adam saw for high-caliber defensive, advanced, and tactical training for the everyday person.  Adam received excellent training as a soldier and Police Officer but found that so many – far too many – and most who have a Concealed Handgun Permit were never properly guided into understanding the laws pertaining to using a weapon in defense. Worse, he found most gun owners and carriers have little or no formal training in actual carrying or the defensive use of firearms, while rarely understanding the enormity of the legal, civil, and, financial, emotional, and social ramifications of what takes place when a firearm is used during an act of defense of life.

Our Mission

“We help prepare and train those willing to stand in the gap to defend themselves, their loved ones, and their fellow man”.

About Adam Winch

Adam Winch is the owner and creator of Defenders USA. With about Adam Wincha background of serving as a Military Police officer (U.S. Army Reserves and Colorado National Guard from 2000 to 2008), with duties including Law & Order, Quick Reaction Team (QRT), Special Reaction Team (SRT), Emergency Reaction Team (ERT), Personal Security Detail (PSD), Fire Team Leader, and trainer for the Colorado National Guard.

As a Police Officer for ten plus years with the Grand Junction Police Department (Colorado), where Adam’s duties included Patrol Officer, Street Crimes Unit, SWAT, and Police Patrol Mountain Bike Instructor.

Adam is a certified NRA Handgun Instructor (x2), a certified NRA CCW Instructor, a certified CFS Handgun Instructor through Combat Focus Shooting, a certified ASP Firearms Instructor through Active Self Protection, a certified Long Range / Sniper Instructor through Crosswinds Precision Academy, a certified Range Safety Officer through Defenders USA, and was a certified Range Safety Officer through the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force. He has attended four (4) SWAT schools while with the GJPD SWAT Team, a Street Crimes Unit School, along with countless other hours of training and schools with other well-known civilian, military, and law enforcement training entities in the US and abroad. He has also been certified in several areas as a fitness coach with CrossFit. He has taught over 20,000 civilians, military and law enforcement over the course of his careers. 

Adam brings his unique combination of military and police expertise into the classroom and on the range for an engaging, thought-provoking learning experience to build both solid mental and physical skills into the students.
The Defenders USA courses are crafted to carefully communicate the seriousness of a defense-of-life mindset and both armed and unarmed defensiveness to a civilian audience – that is, the average person. Far from the dry, boring way most traditional training tends to be, these courses draw the student into the learning process with true to life stories, interactive discussion, and hands-on exercises – all seasoned with a lot of humor. On the range, the instruction and coaching bring to life strong foundational skills in safe, controlled environments to help prepare the student for the dangerous uncontrolled environment we all live in where Evil visits when least expected.






About Scott “Grizz” Griffin

Grizz’s background includes extensive experience in combat operations all over the world. He has spent over 27 years serving overseas in austere, combat environments including Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Syria and other classified locations. He has a strong military Special Operations background serving with various units including 1st Special Forces Group, the Marine Corps, and other Army units. He is also a U.S. qualified Special Operations Sniper and has graduated from several other tactical shooting schools in the Special Operations community. 

Grizz has also completed and taught several medical live tissue labs, both stateside and overseas, and has used this medical training often in combat operations. In addition, Grizz has spent 12 years working for government agencies including the CIA, NSA, and DOS in Afghanistan and Iraq, performing protection, surveillance, advising, training, and operational missions. He also spent 3 years as a police officer in Southern Arizona while working on patrol.







About Russell Anthon

Russell has been working with Defenders USA and one other firearms training company for several years as both a Lead Instructor and Assistant Instructor in Long Range Precision Courses and as an Assistant Instructor with a multitude of Defenders USA’s courses. 
Russell comes from a civilian background but also has an in-depth understanding of military and law enforcement firearms training needs due to extensive research, personal training, and experience in training civilians, military, and law enforcement personnel. 
Russell is certified as an NRA Basic Handgun Instructor, NRA CCW Instructor, an ASP Certified Firearms Instructor through Active Self Protection, and a certified Range Safety Officer through Defenders USA. 
When we can FINALLY get him to submit his own Bio, this little write-up will certainly expand to point out that though he’s quite talkative, he’s also basically a genius, with a depth of knowledge in a variety of surprising areas and a thirst for knowledge that is tireless and almost unparalleled when compared to vast majority of people in the world.

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