Active Shooter / Killer Defense

The Active Shooter Response For The Civilian” is taught by Defenders USA’s recognized safety experts, former law enforcement & military personnel.

This training will focus on what the modern active shooter incident is like based on evidence and how to respond. The commonly used government model of, “Run, Hide, Fight” is woefully inadequate, poorly stated, with tactics and responses that are dumbed down, and often just wrong. It certainly needs improved upon in today’s society where active shooter incidents are sadly climbing.
Go figure, if the government comes up with a plan, it usually is of the lower quality and to be avoided.

In this “Active Shooter Response For The Civilian” we will be addressing far better responses, based on the ADDA(S) model, and using TDBE. Yes, you’ll need to come to the training for these to make sense.

We’ll be addressing what is best to do in such an incident, how knowledge of how most such attacks happen can help, and highly improving on and completely revamping the government’s inadequate, even foolish, model of “Run, Hide, Fight”.

Be prepared to think, to have your own ideas challenged, and learn a lot of fascinating things, all of which will help you to become far safer in your own daily life to either avoid such an incident or to better survive. This training will be fun, full of humor, yet extremely serious. It will challenge you and maybe even be shocking at times as we delve into the active shooter’s mind, goals, and tactics, while building in pre-thought out actions and reactions if you or your loved ones are caught in such a tragic situation.

We will be addressing a myriad of topics, while also conducting scenarios so you can see and learn about what can work and what actually puts you and yours in even more harm.

It is time to bring this expertly-led, realistic training to the general public.

Send those you love.
The security of those you love is worth it.

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