Have you learned to fight with your handgun? Have you learned how to survive mentally, emotionally, and physically in the fight of your life? That fight you don’t want and wouldn’t start but certainly need to come out of okay?
Have you prepared? And do you honestly maintain your preparedness?
So many don’t…thinking their CCW class and permit or the mere possession of guns has them prepared…and the vast majority aren’t ready. We saw it over and over as a cops and soldiers.
Please, prepare. Please, seek formal training at the hands of the rare but true expert instructors.
We do this at Defenders USA and we desperately want to train you…because we want you to live and we confidently know the training we provide is so very needed by everyone, and yes, just as much by those who don’t think they need it or feel they’ve already “got it”.

CCW Courses:
Aug. 8th – Cortez, CO
Aug. 14th – Grand Junction, CO

Intro To Defensive Shooting:
Aug. 8th & 9th – Cortez, CO
Aug. 29th – Grand Junction, CO

Defenders Series (combined CCW, Defensive & Advanced Handgun Courses in one weekend):
Aug. 14th – 16th – Grand Junction, CO

Ladies Unarmed Self Defense class:
Aug. 13th – Grand Junction, CO

Combat Focused Shooting:
Aug. 29th – Grand Junction, CO

Tactical Handgun Course:
Aug. 30th – Grand Junction, CO
***Must be a Defenders Series grad, Combat Focused Shooting graduate to attend this course.

Register at www.defenders-usa.com and visit us on Facebook atwww.facebook.com/defenders.training.

Call 970-986-0774