Aug 17 - 18 2024


8:00 am - 5:00 pm




Cameo Shooting & Education Complex
3934 I 9/10 Rd, Palisade, CO 81526

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Decisional Defender Day1
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Decisional Defender Day 2
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This option is for those that have attended DD day 1 only and decided to continue training. Day one is a prerequisite.

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Full 2 Day Decisional Defender
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Decisional Defender Handgun – Cameo, CO

Decisional Defender – Handgun

Your defensive use of force encounter will be full of variables that are both known and unknown. Operational performance in these encounters is hinged on you making the best decisions possible under stress, fear and adrenaline. Mentally preparing yourself can give you the the edge to win that fight for your life. This handgun course is designed with this reality at the forefront.

This course is designed around crucial decision making in the context of defensive handgun use. It is excellent for anyone who seeks to build shooting skill while building decisional skills in a safe simulated stress environment.  This training will go beyond most other training with instructor guided drills specifically crafted for developing and building your cognitive shooting capacity. This curriculum has the goal of optimizing your operational performance in a defensive encounter with visual threat cues and identifiers at its foundation. You may choose our one or two-day training session, however, we highly encourage you to attend the full two days for optimal learning and full training experience.

Prerequisite Skills

  • You should be able to manipulate and handle your firearm with utmost safety. Muzzle discipline and trigger finger discipline is a must.
  • At minimum, you should be able to consistently hit an 8” size target on demand at 10 yards without a time limit, commonly known as par time.

Of note, if you have not attended a previous course with us or do not demonstrate solid proficiency at the beginning of this training course, the instructor can and will, at their discretion, ask you to complete a short proficiency handling and shooting test that is standardized. If that test is not passed, you will not be allowed to attend the rest of the training but will be invited to move into one of our Handgun Fundamentals courses at no cost. At the same time, the fee for this course will not be refunded.


Brent Hickmon – NRA, Defenders RSO, Rangemaster – Master Level, Active Self Protection, Deliberate Coaching Instructor Certifications


Cameo Shooting and Education Complex Bay 14


Date and Time

Aug 17 & 18 , 2024

8am to 5pm

Cost= $175.00 per Day

Range Fee = $20 per day. Range Fee of $20 that will need to be paid in cash to the instructor, so please bring that with you.

Day 1 Course Objectives

  • Discuss the purpose and context of making crucial decisions for defensive handgun
  • Review Safety Rules
  • Discuss non-lethal force multiplier and de-escalation options that you will practice throughout the course.
  • Shooter overall safety (Dry-Fire) and performance assessment (Live-Fire)
  • Shooters warm up session with a short fundamentals review if needed.
  • Start the foundational subject matter of Decisional Defender.
  • Shoot 20 rounds of HOLLOW POINT SELF DEFENSE AMMO of your choice to check POINT OF AIM AND POINT OF IMPACT as compared to practice ammo
  • We will finish day one with a short block of inert pepper spray training, then discussing learned topics and answering any remaining questions.

Day 2 Course Objectives

  • Review and discuss learned topics from day one and do a brief Q and A on subject matter.
  • Build on both physical, mental, and visual operational skills with progressively complex guided drills.
  • Work visual threat indicators and visual cease fire indication drills.
  • Introduce target identification and acquisition and unknown variable drills.
  • Moving targets and shooting on the move
  • Complete a final complex guided drill.
  • Overall course review and feedback discussion.
 Items & Information Needed
  • Handgun (or we have handguns available for free use or rent – depending on the model you want to use)
  • 3 or more magazines (if a semi-auto or striker fire handgun)
  • 350 rounds of practice ammunition (20 rounds of hollow point self defense ammo of your choice) – Day 1
  • 450-500 rounds of ammunition – Day 2 (820 min for both training days)
  • Small handheld light of your choice
  • Quality holster & sturdy belt IS A MUST. (feel free to call with any holster questions (NOTE: ***NO SERPA holsters or of similar design, NO collapsible holsters, NO sticky or pocket holsters, NO bra holsters, NO shoulder holsters, and NO purse holsters!!)
    If you want to get a quality holster for before this class, we enthusiastically endorse Brent Hickmon of Haven Defense Co. (970-987-3471) for an excellent, custom-made holster. Brent is an instructor with Defenders USA; he and his lovely wife make holsters on a full-time basis for incredible shooters all over America)
  • Closed toe shoes.
  • Eye & ear protection and a hat with a brim to the front
  • Enough liquids to drink, along with any food desired. Full lunch breaks for full 8-hour days.
Optional items & information:
Magazine holders
A chair
Anything wanted to snack on.
Any sunscreen or bug spray desired or needed. This is an outdoor environment and you will need to dress appropriately for the weather that day. Hand warmers for cold range days help a lot!


 Feel free to contact us with any questions.
Adam: 970-986-0774                                     Brent: 970-987-3471