Oct 12 - 13 2024


8:30 am - 5:00 pm


Whitehall, MT

Location 2

Boulder, MT

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Handguns & Home Defense
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2 Day "Handguns & Home Defense"

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Handguns & Home Defense – Whitehall, MT

Handguns & Home Defense
Whitehall, MT
8:30 am – 5 pm'ish both days

The first day, Saturday, will be on a live range, working on handgun safety, fundamentals of accurate shooting, and doing so while having to work around walls, barriers, using cover, and the varied considerations of defending life if you are ever forced to use a handgun in an enclosed environment, such as in your home, place of work, or while in building while living your normal life.

The last day, Sunday, will be at a location in the Whitehall, MT area where we will be working in a controlled environment while learning to clear homes, buildings, etc., if you ever have to move to engage a deadly threat.

All the gear you'd normally take for a solid day at the range while learning to shoot or hone that skill set will be needed.

This will be learning the same tactics law enforcement would use if having a clear, move through, or engage those of evil intent in a home, a business, a building, or even in an active shooter situation.

The second day, Sunday, will be in a “cold” environment, meaning no live ammunition will be allowed, and the training will be with your own firearm and the gear you would normally have with you in your daily life or access to in your own home.

You will also be doing some “Force-on-force” training, using weapons that shoot rubber bullets as you put all the training together and go through scenarios against hostile intruder(s) and aggressors.
This will be intense.

Needed safety equipment will be provided and a list of other recommended items will soon be provided.

A lot more information and the range location for Saturday, along with the meeting location for Sunday will be provided in the near future to those attending.

A side note: 
This should be a lot more expensive BUT…due to some very particular reasons and some people I so deeply love, it's being priced quite a bit lower on purpose.

Let me know if you have questions…in the meantime, I'll get a lot more detail up here on this course soon. Either way, just trust this will be fantastic training and sign up soon, as the available spots will be taken quickly.

Adam Winch