Jul 28 2024


8:00 am - 1:00 pm


Cameo Shooting & Education Complex
3934 I 9/10 Rd, Palisade, CO 81526

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Performance Hangun
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8am-1pm 5 Hour Block

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Performance Handgun – Cameo, CO

Performance Handgun

This Performance Handgun class is perfect for the civilian, military, LEO shooter, or competitor who wants to develop their speed and accuracy from the holster, either concealed or open carry. This is excellent for those who seek to refine in both areas beyond where most training goes, working from either duty gear or from concealment.
This course intended for those who already have the skills of basic handgun safety, handling and fundamentals, although we will spend time there as needed.

Of note, if you’ve not attended a pervious course with us or do not demonstrate solid proficiency at the beginning of this training course, the instructor can and will, at their discretion, ask you to complete a short proficiency handling and shooting test that is standardized. If that test is not passed, you will not be allowed to attend the rest of the training but will be invited to move into one of our Handgun Fundamentals courses at no cost. At the same time, the fee for this course will not be refunded.


Brent Hickmon – NRA, Defenders RSO, Rangemaster – Master Level, Active Self Protection Instructor Certification, Deliberate Coaching Instructor Certifications


Cameo Shooting and Education Complex Bay 24 West Bays. Left turn Before Main Gate

3934 I 9/10 Rd, Palisade, CO 81526


8am-1pm – 5 Hour block

Cost = $125

Range Fee = $15

There is a Range Fee of $15 that will need to be paid in cash prior to the start of the training day, so please bring that with you.

Course Objectives

  • Learn draw stroke efficiency
  • Develop quick, effective and accurate draw to first hits
  • Build effective trigger press, recoil management and sight tracking technique
  • Learn fundamental performance mentality aids to help in your shooting journey
  • Understand concepts of draw to first shot times in defensive and competitive contexts
  • Develop target appropriate throttle control for your draw and splits
  • Have fun!

Items & Information Needed

  • Handgun (or we have handguns available for free use or rent – depending on the model you want to use)
  • 2 to 3 magazines (if a semi-auto or striker fire handgun)
  • 250 rounds of ammunition
  • Quality holster & sturdy belt IS A MUST. (feel free to call with any holster questions (NOTE: ***NO SERPA holsters or of similar design, NO collapsible holsters, NO sticky or pocket holsters, NO bra holsters, NO shoulder holsters, and NO purse holsters!!)
    If you want to get a quality holster for before this class, we enthusiastically endorse Brent Hickmon of Haven Defense Co. (970-987-3471) for an excellent, custom-made holster. Brent is also an instructor with Defenders USA; he and his lovely wife make holsters on a full-time basis for incredible shooters all over America)
  • Closed toe shoes.
  • Eye & ear protection and a hat with a brim to the front
  • Enough liquids to drink, along with any food desired. A short snack break will be taken so please bring snacks or lunch- snacks for 5-hour blocks. Full lunch breaks for full 8-hour days.

Optional items & information

  • Magazine holders
  • A chair
  • Anything wanted to snack on.
  • Any sunscreen or bug spray desired or needed. This is an outdoor environment and you will need to dress appropriately for the weather that day. Hand warmers for cold range days help a lot!


Defenders USA

Feel free to contact us with any questions.
Adam: 970-986-0774                                     Brent: 970-987-3471