In addition to the courses below Defenders USA also offers courses in Church Security, Instructor Training, Sniper Craft, Speed and Precision Handgun, Advanced Rifle, and much more! If you don’t see a course listed please reach out to us at 970-986-0774.

“Defenders Series”

The “Defenders Series” is the flagship of the Defenders USA courses, incorporating the Basic CCW, Defensive Handgun and Advanced Tactical Handgun courses into one intense, fun-filled weekend. This Series helps prepare responsible gun owners for efficient use of their handguns in the context of saving life from today’s evil. Through the Defenders Series, participants deeply learn:

  • Current laws and how firearms laws apply.
  • Use of deadly force in accordance to “The Letter of the Law” and “The Spirit of the Law”.
  • Mental, legal, emotional, and social preparedness of using deadly force to save your life or those you love.
  • Defensive gun fighting that works well with what the body does naturally under high stress.
  • Avoiding the fight or a dangerous situation in the first place.
  • How to use your handgun defensively and intuitively in true, smart, gun-fighter mode in order to win in a critical, dynamic, fast-paced, very dangerous situation.

Concealed Carry Handgun Permit Course

Our Concealed Carry Handgun Permit course meets all requirements for a Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit.

Our CHP/CCW Course addresses:

  • Use of deadly force in defense of your life or others
  • Colorado defensive handgun and conceal carry laws
  • Use and concealed carry on your properties, businesses, vehicles, and at your home
  • Firearm safety
  • And much more

Defensive Fighting Handgun 1

We highly recommend you take the Defensive Fighting Handgun I Training, in addition to the Concealed Handgun Permit Course to grow skill defending life with a handgun. The Defensive Fighting Handgun I course is ideal for those who aren’t able to attend a full “Defenders Series“over a weekend.

Defensive Fighting Handgun 1 & 2

This is an armed self defense training that combines the Defensive Fighting Handgun I & II courses and starts with basic defensive handgun skills. It continues on with handling and taking these skills all the way to where the shooter is highly competent with handling and fighting with a handgun in defense of life.

This all day training course will take an already trained handgun user or a completely new-to-handgun student and help them efficiently and effectively handle and fight with a handgun in defense of life.

Advanced Fighting Handgun

The Advanced Fighting Handgun course continues beyond the shooting of the Defenders Series or our Defensive Fighting Handgun Courses (I & II) with movements, building clearing, unorthodox position shooting, differing cover use, vehicles and weapons, extreme precision and distance, one-handed shooting, malfunction handling and clearance, fighting while injured, and much more.

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