25$ Off for Combined Unarmed Self Defense, CCW, & Defensive Handgun I (Craig, CO)

Date(s) - 04/14/2017 - 04/15/2017

Ringer Fitness

Cost of all three courses (Ladies Unarmed Self Defense, CCW, Defensive Handgun I) reduced from $185 to $160!

Completing all three courses is the very best way to prepare yourself this coming weekend for the defense of self and the defense of others. If registering for all three, you deserve a reduced cost and we are happy to provide this reduction.

If looking for details of each course. please look at the individual links.
Once registered here for all three courses, you will receive an email that address all issues concerning each course.


Registration are closed for this event.


“Look into these classes folks! You won’t regret it!! Very knowledgable on the law, defense and anything in between. If you’d at least share this page for me, that would be awesome! The lack of knowledge for firearms is an ever growing problem. Please please please educate yourselves.”