Avoid The Criminal: Awareness, Safe Habits, & The Weaponized Mind

Date(s) - 04/04/2022

Amish Daily AirBnB

Avoid The Criminal: Awareness, Safe Habits, & The Weaponized Mind is taught by Defenders USA’s recognized safety experts, former law enforcement & military personnel, and goes from 6 – 9 pm’ish at the Manley’s Amish Daily AirBnB located at 97 Carney Lane, near Whitehall, MT.
This course will be taught by Defenders USA’s Adam Winch, along with at least one other Defenders USA instructor. Their bio’s can be found on the Defenders USA website under the “About Us” tab.

97 Carney Lane
Whitehall, MT 59759
***The location for this course is a formerly-Amish, working farm, belonging to wonderful Manley family. They have graciously welcomed us into their humongously large home for this course so feel free to bring anything you’d like to eat or drink during this course and if there’s any for others attending also, I’m sure it would be greatly appreciated. Just be nice to the Manley’s and the animals but feel free to jokingly abuse the instructors all you want, as you’ll probably get it back in spades!

“The best fight you’ll get yourself into is the one you avoid in the first place.”

This in-depth, desperately needed training event will go beyond just understanding the predatory criminal mind to developing solid situational awareness within our daily lives, all in order to avoid the dirtbag who wants to harm, rob, rape, kidnap, or murder their selected victim. We will deeply examine many safe habits anyone can easily use daily to highly lessen the odds that a criminal will choose you. The trained, alert mind is a strong weapon.

Until recently, this highly-acclaimed training with Defenders USA has only been offered through multiple large corporations across Colorado for their employees who often go to higher risk locations or deal with high risk individual on an everyday basis. Thousands of people have greatly benefited from this training, with many stories told of how this training helped them avoid becoming a victim of a serious crime.

Be prepared to think, to have your own ideas challenged, and learn a lot of fascinating things, all of which will help you to become far safer in your own daily life. This training will be fun, full of humor, yet serious, and maybe even shocking at times as we delve into the criminal mind and how to avoid their targeting you through trained awareness, built safety habits easily by anyone, and through developing a mindset that helps deter criminals.

For those occasions when a criminal still attacks, we will also be addressing when effective non-firearm tools and weapons are needed and that can be easily carried almost anywhere and used for self defense when and where a firearm would not be appropriate or legal i.e., pepper sprays, knives, etc. The laws pertaining to such items and their use will also be explored.
There will be hands on training with such tools and an opportunity to purchase the best defensive pepper spray available in America ($15 each) since none of the area stores carry the good stuff.

It is time to bring this expertly-led, realistic training to the general public. “Avoid The Criminal” is desperately needed by everyone, bringing needed heightened situational awareness to us all and decreases the likelihood of becoming the victim of crime.

“A trained mind is alert, an alert mind is rarely the victim.”

Send those you love.
The security of those you love is worth it.

***NOTE # 1***
For large groups (10 or more) or families (4 or more), please contact Defenders USA directly for special pricing.
Call – 970-986-0774

***NOTE # 2***
There will be an “Concealed Handgun Permit Coursein Whitehall, MT at the Covenant Community Church (7 W. Legion Ave.) the next evening, Tuesday, starting at 6 pm, in case that is also of interest to you. More info and the registration link can be found on our website under the “Upcoming Courses” tab.   

***Note # 3***
There will be a “Keep Them Alive!” Emergency Trauma Medical Training event at Covenant Community Church in Whitehall on Wednesday evening, starting at 6 pm, in case that is of interest is also of interest to you. More info and the registration link can be found on our website under the “Upcoming Courses” tab.

***Note # 4***
There will be a “3 Day Fighting Rifle Applications, With A Side Of Handgun” the following weekend (April 8 – 10th) near Whitehall, MT. This training course is open to the public. More information and the registration link can be found on our website under the “Upcoming Courses” tab.

Feel free to contact us for more information or with any questions.

We look forward to meeting you and training with you and those you love!

Adam Winch


Registration are closed for this event.