CCW Course (Donation) – Craig, CO

Date(s) - 12/10/2016

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The CCW Course is the beginning portion of many of our more advanced firearms courses. Though the CCW Course can be taken as a stand-alone course, we highly recommend you invest in further defensive handgun training with us beyond this CCW Course.
Even if you are a highly-trained, expert marksman, to become confident and truly skilled in the efficient use of a gun for defense of life under high-stress that comes with fear takes effort, time, and a willingness to engage in realistic training – such as what we offer. These skills take a willingness to learn and are perishable, and are also completely different than target shooting.  Target practice, no matter how good one becomes at  it, does not prepare for the realities of most defensive shooting situations.

Our CCW Course meets and surpasses the requirements for a Colorado Concealed Carry Weapons permit. Our CCW Course addresses:

  • Use of force in defense of your life and of others,
  • Colorado defensive firearm and conceal carry laws,
  • Use and carry of CCW on property, businesses, vehicles, and in the home,
  • Firearm safety,
  • and much more

This CCW Course is becoming renown as one of the most in-depth and extensive CCW Courses available in the Colorado area. So, even if you already have a CCW permit and had gone through a different training course for that permit, we encourage you to consider attending this course also. It is very common for those who’ve been through other courses somewhere else but then attend ours to inform us that they learned more in our CCW and other firearms courses than anywhere else. It’s not about the money for us – we already have the lowest costs for such quality training – it’s about getting solid knowledge and training out to you. We have seen too many victims of violent crime and we want to help people best survive in an unfortunate situation in order to bring as much high quality education and training to as many people as we can.

For those who already have a CCW Permit, if you are considering attending, please call us ahead of time about something we would like to discuss with you (970-986-0774).

We also have multiple expert firearms training courses beyond this CCW Course and we encourage you to enroll in those also.

Either way, we look forward to seeing you and those you know and love in our CCW Course. And in further courses should you decide to seek such responsible training beyond a CCW Course.


Registration are closed for this event.


May 20, 2014

Dear Adam:

The motivation for writing this letter comes from my deep appreciation and respect for the outstanding course experience that I had this past weekend under your direction and tutelage. On a scale of one to ten, it was an eleven.

I would guess, Adam, that I am not your typical student – while at the same time perhaps I am. At the age of nearly 69 I purchased my first firearm – no prior ownership of a handgun or a rifle – no hunting experience – no history of being around firearms very much at all in my life. Yes, I have gone to ranges to shoot guns owned by others and have had decent luck at carnivals, but nothing more. I actually never saw myself as a gun owner.

Having made the commitment to purchase a firearm for personal protection as well as that of my wife, I did so with great trepidation as I am savvy enough to know that being around something inherently dangerous without adequate knowledge of how to handle and use it is just not smart – in fact it is stupid. I had previously taken a “common” CCW course that is offered by many who are not really teachers. I became a firearm owner with a CCW card in my wallet – but no real knowledge or comfort level of how to handle or use my new gun. My sense of greatest safety came from knowing the gun was locked away from contact from everyone – including me.

It was my son who found you and Defenders USA. Together we invested nearly a dozen hours of classroom time and another ten or more hours on the range. Wow! What a huge return on that investment! I learned a great deal from you about a lot of basics and several topics that I never really thought about in the context of owning a gun – the morality of it all, necessary legal applications, the practical aspects of “life” as it happens – often without thought or warning and so much more. My notebook is full of necessary knowledge and provoked thinking that you stimulated in an environment ripe for learning and customized for retaining  – all set in a fun-filled and entertaining atmosphere.  You are good – in fact a very good teacher.

The training “on range” was incredible. I am no youngster – yet you had me shooting from positions and postures and at speeds that I would never have considered realistic or possible (not to say my body did not ache the following days). The entire class enjoyed a wonderful and fun time – all the while gaining the knowledge and confidence that each of us wanted and needed – knowledge which can only come from firing hundreds of rounds in situations that mirror real life. This was a blast (excuse the pun) and a forever memory!

Thank you, Adam. You have developed a course that I truly enjoyed. In a perfect world, this level of learning and experience should be a requirement for every gun owner or potential gun owner. Yes, I have a lot more to learn – but you created the atmosphere and motivation for me to want me to do so – hopefully with you and Defenders USA “calling the shots along the way” (I like puns). With many thanks and deep gratitude.