CCW & Defensive Handgun Course

Date(s) - 09/14/2018 - 09/15/2018

Rocky Mountain Gun Club

This is the combined CCW Course on Friday evening and the Defensive Handgun Course on Saturday.

This link allows one to register for the Friday and Saturday portions of the full Defenders Series, which will continue into a full day on Sunday. The Sunday portion can be completed at a later date in another Defenders Series.  More information can be found on both the Friday’s CCW Course and the Defenders Series on those separate links found on the website calendar.

Friday evening’s CCW Course starts at 6 pm at the Rocky Mountain Gun Club (545 31 Rd.), going until approximately 10:30 pm.

The Saturday Defensive Handgun Course starts at 8:30 am, going until approximately 6 PM, including both some classroom and and extensive range time.

Items needed:
– Note-taking materials
– Handgun, quality holster, three magazines, sturdy belt
– 350 to 500 rounds of ammunition are needed
–  Eye & ear protection


Registration are closed for this event.


“I learned about this class from my daughter. I needed it out of necissity. I was afraid to look at a hand gun let alone touch one. My kids are now more protected. Thanks to some wonderful people I was able to complete the training. I learned so many things, to the smallest detail I will never forget. If nothing else invest in protecting your family as well as yourself. It IS so worth it. and I am a wimp and I did it, am so glad I did…”