Certificate Replacement

Date(s) - 09/30/2021

It is common for folks to contact us because they have lost their certificate from a course with us or that it was damaged to the point of not being usable, most commonly a CCW / CHP Course certificate.

If you need a replacement certificate, understand that with all that goes into what we have to do to build, reprint, re-issue, and deliver that certificate to you costs us a lot of time and money.
Because of that, we have to charge in order to cover our costs. We hate having to do so but we lost far too much money over time by not charging for our costs. Our accountant finally kinda yelled at us for not recouping costs and so did my wife….so now, we have to charge what it costs us. We’re not making money on this but we can no longer replace certificates without any charge.

If you need a replacement, simply fill out the information below. You can pay online and once we get your request and payment, we’ll start on the process of replacing and getting your certificate to you.

We will also need your full, legal name (the way it appears on your Driver’s License), your mailing address, an email address for you, and your phone number. It is also extremely helpful if you put in the date(s) you attended into the comments section.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Thank you!!
Adam Winch & the Defenders USA team


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