“Defending God’s People”: Church Security Training – Farson, WY

Defenders-USA Shield

Date(s) - 02/22/2020

Eden Valley Baptist Church

“Defending God’s People” is a church security training event open to members of any formal church security team, or to those who informally provide security at a church, or to those interested in this complex topic.

This particular training event will NOT include live fire and will be held at Eden Valley Baptist Church in Farson, WY. (47 WY Hwy 28 East, Farson, WY. 82932)

The majority of this training will be focused on scenario responses and making good to better decisions, developing and enhancing proper legal and physical responses to the multitude of dangers faced by churches today.

The event will last from 9 am till approximately 5 pm.

Items needed:
Note-taking materials

Optional items you can bring:
Handgun (with two magazines for semi-auto handguns) 
A quality holster, along with a sturdy belt
Any food or non-alcoholic beverages you want. A lunch and beverages will be provided by Eden Valley Baptist Church.

We will begin at EVBC at 9 am, starting by delving into situational awareness in a church setting and on a daily individual basis, needed church security techniques, tactics and procedures, etc., creating a formalized church security team or how to best organize an informal team, responding to aggression on church property, medical responses, dealing with uncooperative people, dealing with violent people on church property, expectations, tasks and duties of church security personnel, realistic training and training schedules for individuals or teams, using interior and exterior design to enhance safety, use of unarmed combatives for striking, detaining, or controlling of passive resistors to aggressive attackers, selection and use of non-lethal defensive weapons, selection and why’s of best defensive handguns, calibers, and gear for defense in a crowded environment, dealing with an spree killer or active shooter on church properties with the ADDA and similar methods, and more. 

We will also be going into how to deal with the massive legal, emotional, and communal aftermath of a deadly church incident.  

These topics will be in-depth, realistic yet appropriate for even younger people within the church; even mature pre-teens will benefit from this training. 

For those who do bring a handgun, we will also work on handgun fundamentals (all without any live fire), using dry fire ONLY.

We will focus on a proper grip, stance, aiming, breath control, trigger control, trigger reset, and follow through. We will work on a proper and fast draw stroke, presentation to the target, trigger press, dealing with a target after shooting, safe r-holstering, efficient magazine reloads, etc. 

All of this training is designed to encode thought-out responses to a dangerous, dynamic event in a church setting. The handgun handling part will be based on efficient fighting with a handgun in a crowded venue.

Please come prepared to be challenged and to learn how to best protect yourself and your church members in a fast-paced, volatile incident at church.  

Feel free to contact us at Defenders USA for further information.


Registration are closed for this event.

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