Church Security Training (Private Event) – Grand Junction

Defenders-USA Shield

Date(s) - 04/25/2020

Rocky Mountain Gun Club

This Church Security Training Event is a private training event for a specific church. It is not open to other churches or to the public.
Check back soon for another Church Security Training Event, which will be open to other churches and to the public.

Generally, these Church Security Training Events are by request and only open to members of a formal church security team, consisting of some live-fire range training and scenario training.  The majority of the event will be focused on scenario responses and making good to better decisions, developing and enhancing proper legal and physical responses to the multitude of dangers faced by churches today.

The events generally last from 0900 hrs. till around 61630 or 1700 hours.

Items needed:
Handgun with three magazines
A quality holster, along with a sturdy belt
Approximately 200 to 300 rounds of ammo
Eye & ear protection
Any food or non-alcoholic beverages wanted

We will not be stopping for a set lunch period. Either bring food you can eat during the breaks that we will have or feel free to order in; there will be breaks where you will be able to get food while during the scenario training.

We will start on the range, addressing handling and shooting fundamentals needed for real fighting handgun skills (completely different than traditional and target shooting). This is not easy, gentle gun stuff. This is fighting, so come prepared to be challenged, to learn, leave the ego at home, and realize your likely many years of shooting skills almost certainly will be changed to far better. If you are reluctant to learn and be challenged, it’s best you don’t attend.

After two or three hours on the range, we will move to a high-tech video response scenario setting. You will be put in many situations; your thought process, actions, and legalities of why you did or didn’t do certain things will be examined at great depth.
This will begin combining and growing the in-depth mental, legal, and mechanical processes needed for helping you and your church attendees best survive a dangerous event, both in the immediacy of the event and in the longer term aftermath.
This training is intense and can be hard for even highly trained personnel. This is where you – as church security personnel – desperately need stretched and challenged, all in order to build, hone and refine the myriad of skills needed for the position you’ve taken on.

There is very limited openings, as most positions are already taken.

Feel free to contact us directly for further information.