Fighting Handgun & Carbine

Date(s) - 03/04/2018

Rocky Mountain Gun Club

This is a one day, combined handgun & carbine course, focusing on using both weapons systems effectively in a fighting environment.

This course is intended for those with either sworn LEO experience, the professional full-time carrier, towards those who have extensive and demonstrable expertise in both weapons platforms, or towards Defenders USA students who have shown aptitude in either the Defenders Series, or Defensive Handgun I & II, and our Rifle / Carbine courses.

This is an intensive, fighting course intended to enhance and further combined firearms skills in a possible active environment, focusing on proper weapons selection for the environment, effective handling and shooting of both platforms, transitions, addressing weapons, proper tactics, clearing, movement, working with others in a non-permissive environment, scenario response,  etc.
This is a physically demanding course, so come prepared to work hard, sweat a lot, shoot even more, and with a open, fighting attitude.-jlll.

We will also deal with gear, kit, and accessory selections, along with an intro to low light situations.

This course is not intended for beginners or for those without actual, professional, realistic firearms training.

Items needed:
Fighting rifle / carbine, minimum of 3 magazines, with good sling
Handgun & holster, 3 magazines
Any kit worn or carried if going into a known combat situation
Minimum of 500 rounds of ammo for both handgun and rifle, preferably with more for rifle / carbine
Eye & ear protection

Contact us with questions or if needing more info.


Registration are closed for this event.


“My husband and I took the CCW course 2 years ago and the Defender Series last weekend. As a novice hand gun owner I was coming in as a blank slate. Hubby on the other hand was all about his 1911 and ‘merica! At the end of the first day on the range, hubby went Glock shopping and actually said out loud “I can’t believe how much I’m learning!”. It doesn’t matter if you just bought your first hand gun or just retired from Special Ops Military Service, you will come away from this course with a better understanding of semi-automatic firearms, body mechanics and how they can work perfectly together for accurate, effective defense of life. While I sincerely pray that I NEVER have to use what I learned from our incredibly knowledgeable instructor, I believe that should the need arise I can and would defend my life or my loved ones lives. After taking this course I know what and how to practice to use my body and my weapon together properly so that IF I have to, THEN I will. THANK YOU!”