Concealed Carry Concepts (good for MT CCW/CWP!) – Cardwell, MT

Date(s) - 02/18/2023

Private Range - Cardwell, MT

Defenders USA’s Certified Handgun Instructor and the host of Defenders LIVE, Lora Thorson, will be holding a full day Concealed Carry Concepts (also good for a MT Concealed Weapons Permit), consisting of classroom time, dry fire, and shooting on the range for an extremely in-depth MT Concealed Carry Permit Course.

OF NOTE***: This class can be taken as a whole or you may take solely the legal portion needed for a CWP or you make solely take the Dry Fire & Live fire portions.
The morning Legal portion starts at 9 am, ending around 12:30 pm.
The afternoon Dry Fire / Range Live Fire portion starts at 1 pm, ending around 5 pm. 

This fantastic training event will take place at a private classroom and range at a ranch in Cardwell, MT.

Deeply understanding the legal and life-altering ramifications of owning and carrying a handgun is far more important than even most gun owners often realize, so Lora will be going deeply into MT law and much more in a comfortable classroom setting.

The attendees will then begin working on dry fire with their respective handguns, to build and ensure contextual knowledge and how to safely and correctly handle and efficiently use a handgun.

Once safe and efficient use of an unloaded handgun is evident in all present, the class will move to the shooting range that is near the classroom and will begin live fire in order to build and show safe handling, and efficient handling and shooting that balances both speed and accuracy.

Items needed:
– Handgun
– Spare magazine(s) for semi-automatics is helpful; you won’t need more than three total.
– A quality, safe holster is recommended but if you do not have one, please feel free to contact us before just buying one. Most of the holsters sold in gun stores or online are not one we recommend and are either unsafe or sub-optimal so if you are interested in quality, we’d be happy to assist with advice. If you also already have a holster for your handgun and want to know more, please feel free to reach out to us.
– Approx. 100 rounds of ammunition
– Eye & ear protection
– Any snacks, food, and non-alcoholic drinks wanted throughout the day.
*****OF NOTE: For those attending the full day of the Concealed Carry Concepts, there aren’t any food sources nearby so you’ll want to bring a lunch with you. There will be a lunch break but not with enough time to leave the training in order to go get food.
– A pencil or pen, and a black permanent marker (for use on your target).
– If you will benefit from taking notes while during dry fire or on the range, a small note book is recommended or using a note-taking app on your phone is also helpful.
– The shooting portion will be held outside, so dress appropriate for the weather of that day. Layers help as we will be indoors for a good portion of this training course.

We look forward to working with you and training you for the both a concealed carry permit and to begin your journey as both a safe and accurate shooter and gun owner / carrier.

Feel free to contact Lora or Adam with any questions about this course.

Lora Thorson

Adam Winch


Registration are closed for this event.