Concealed Handgun Permit Course – Grand Junction, CO

Date(s) - 09/07/2019

Rocky Mountain Gun Club

Defenders USA’s Concealed Handgun Permit Course (CHP / CCW) meets and surpasses the requirements for a Colorado Concealed Carry Weapons permit. Our CHP / CCW Course addresses:

  • Use of force in defense of your life and of others,
  • Colorado defensive firearm and conceal carry laws,
  • Use and carry of CHP / CCW on property, businesses, vehicles, and in the home,
  • Firearm handling and safety,
  • and much more

The CHP/CCW Course portion in the morning has becoming renown as one of few truly in-depth, extensive and best Concealed Handgun Permit Courses available in Colorado. So, even if you already have a CHP/CCW permit and have gone through a different training course elsewhere, we strongly encourage you to consider attending this course.

It is a constant thing for those who’ve been through other courses somewhere else but then attend ours to inform us they far learned more in our CHP/CCW and other firearms courses than anywhere else.
It’s not about the money for us – we already have the lowest costs for such quality training – it’s about getting solid knowledge and training to you. We have seen too many victims of violent crime and we want to help people best survive in an unfortunate situation by providing as much high quality education and training to as many people as we can.
If you’ve attended a different Concealed Handgun Course with any other instructor or entity besides Defenders USA within the last two years, we offer this our Concealed Handgun Permit Course to you for ONLY $35!
(Proof must be available upon request; this does HUGE benefit and discount does not apply to certified handgun instructors.)
Here’s why we do this: most concealed handgun permit courses are of low quality or are absolutely terrible, though generally taught by good people with good intentions but whom don’t know what they don’t know.
Come learn this the right way; you will be carrying a gun, which is a very high liability task and what you didn’t learn (or learned wrong) in the vast majority of such courses can cause terrible damage to you when proper knowledge was needed the most.

The CHP / CCW Course is the beginning portion of many of our more advanced firearms courses. Though this CHP / CCW Course can be taken as a stand-alone course, we highly recommend you invest in further defensive handgun training with us beyond this Concealed Handgun Permit Course.
Even if you are a highly-trained, expert marksman, to become confident and truly skilled in the efficient use of a gun for defense of life under high-stress that comes with fear takes effort, time, and a willingness to engage in realistic training – such as what we offer.
These skills take a willingness to learn and are perishable, and are also completely different than target shooting. Target practice, no matter how good one becomes at  it, does not prepare for the realities of most defensive shooting situations.

We have multiple expert firearms training courses beyond this CHP / CCW Course and we encourage you to enroll in those also.

We look forward to seeing you and those you know and love in our CHP / CCW Course. We also encourage continuing on into our further courses beyond this CHP / CCW Course.

For any listed morning CHP / CCW courses, we will begin at 8:30 am.
For any listed evening CHP / CCW courses, we begin at 6 pm.


Ticket Type Price Spaces
Concealed Handgun Permit Course (09-07-19; GJ) $65.00
Concealed Handgun Permit Course, discounted for Military Veterans, LEO Spouse, 1st Responder, school teacher, ER/ED personnel, & ministry clergy)
This discounted rate is intended for Military veterans, LEO Spouses, 1st Responders, school teachers. ER/ED personnel, & full time ministry clergy . Due to those who've lied and improperly used this discount, proof of current status or of prior military service must be available upon request.
Previous CHP/CCW student elsewhere w/i last two years (09-07-19)
Proof of attendance at a non-Defenders USA CHP/CCW Class within the last two years must be available upon request. This discount does not apply to certified firearms instructors.



“This is a great class whether you have experience with handguns or are a complete novice. It is a nice balance of very important class work, gun training and practice with your gun in various situations. You will leave the class feeling tired, challenged and accomplished all at once. It’s definitely something I will do again because there is a lot to absorb and think through in a short amount of time. It is also really clear that all of these skills still need alot of practice on a consistent basis for me to really be as proficient as I will need to be if the situation ever arises that I actually need to use a gun in defense of myself or someone else. This education, hands-on training and practice are worth FAR MORE than every penny I spent to go through it and I will definitely be a repeat student!”