Concealed Handgun Permit Course – Grand Junction, CO

Date(s) - 12/15/2018

Rocky Mountain Gun Club

Defenders USA’s Concealed Handgun Permit Course meets and surpasses the requirements for a Colorado Concealed Carry Weapons permit. This Course addresses:

  • Use of force in defense of your life and of others,
  • Colorado defensive firearm and conceal carry laws,
  • Use and carry of open & concealed carry on property, businesses, vehicles, and in the home,
  • Firearm safety,
  • and much more

This CHP Course is becoming renown as one of the most in-depth and extensive CHP/CCW Courses available in the Colorado. So, even if you already have a Concealed Handgun Permit and had gone through a different training course for that permit, we encourage you to consider attending this course also. It is very common for those who’ve been through other courses somewhere else but then attend ours to inform us that they learned more in our CHP and other firearms courses than anywhere else. It’s not about the money for us – we already have the lowest costs for such quality training – it’s about getting solid knowledge and training out to you. We have seen too many victims of violent crime and we want to help people best survive in an unfortunate situation in order to bring as much high quality education and training to as many people as we can.

For those who provably attended any other CO CCW/CHP Course within the last three (3) years, we urge you to also attend and we offer this course at 50% the normal costs. We have consistently found such attendees are very surprised by how much they will learn in comparison to what they’d previously attended.
For those who fit this category, please call instead of registering online (970-986-0774).

This CHP Course is the beginning portion of many of our more advanced firearms courses. Though the CHP Course can be taken as a stand-alone course, we highly recommend you invest in further defensive handgun training with us beyond this CHP/CCW Course.
Even if you are a highly-trained, expert marksman, to become confident and truly skilled in the efficient use of a gun for defense of life under high-stress that comes with fear takes effort, time, and a willingness to engage in realistic training – such as what we offer. These skills take a willingness to learn and are perishable, and are also completely different than target shooting.  Target practice, no matter how good one becomes at  it, does not prepare for the realities of most defensive shooting situations.

We have multiple expert firearms training courses beyond this CHP/CCW Course and we encourage you to enroll in those also.

We look forward to seeing you and those you know and love in our Concealed Handgun Course. We also encourage continuing on into our further courses beyond this Concealed Handgun Permit Course.

For any listed morning courses, we will begin at 8:30 am.
For any listed evening courses, we begin at 6 pm.


Registration are closed for this event.

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