Concealed Handgun Permit Course – Kiowa, CO

concealed carry gun class

Date(s) - 07/31/2020

Evans Property

This Concealed Handgun Permit Course is a certified, stand-alone CCW/CHP course for obtaining a Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit. It is what is the training course needed to be able to legally obtain a concealed handgun permit. This course meets and exceeds the legal requirements set by the state of Colorado for a CCW/CHP permit and we look forward to being of a help to you in your quest to gain your permit.

Topics include:
– Use of deadly force and weapons in defense of your life and of others,
– Handgun and concealed carry laws of Colorado,
– Concealed carry and handgun use in defense of life on property, in businesses, in and around vehicles, and in the home,
– Safe handgun handling and use when defending life,
– and much more

The CCW/CHP course is taught by former military personnel and Colorado Law Enforcement. This course will grab your attention; it is gritty, real, hilarious, sobering, thoughtful, and in depth.

This is one of the best CCW/CHP course we know of in the state of Colorado and we urge you to come prepared to think deeply, challenge the information that may not make sense at first, and work the through the many legal and safety nuances related to carrying and concealing a handgun for the defense of yourself and those you love.

Though this CCW/ CHP Course is the beginning of a full weekend of intensive handgun and fighting rifle training in Kiowa, it is NOT necessary to attend beyond this Friday evening CCW/CHP Course to obtain a CCW/CHP permit.

If you can also attend the Defensive Fighting Handgun I & II on Saturday and/or the Fighting Rifle Applications on Sunday, we urge you to do so.
Both of these days of excellent defensive and fighting firearm training is to help you prepare and train safe, highly-effective and responsible use of your chosen weapons in a way that addresses the speeds of crime and violent attacks in America.

Our website calendar provides separate registration links and information for both the Defensive Fighting Handgun I & II and the Fighting Rifle Applications.

CCW / CHP Course:
Friday evening, starting promptly at 6 PM, till approximately 10:45 PM

Classroom Location:

The classroom location will be immediately emailed to attendees upon registration.

What to Bring for the CCW/CHP Course on Friday evening:

  • Pen and notepad

****NOTE: Food will be provided for this course by Paige Evans, and if you know her, you know it will be delicious!!

And please, did we mention? DO NOT BRING LIVE AMMO INTO THE CLASSROOM!

Terms and Conditions

Please read our Course Terms and Conditions page.


Registration are closed for this event.

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concealed carry gun class
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