“Defenders Series” w/ North Fort Worth “A Girl & A Gun” Chapter- Decatur, TX

Date(s) - 03/31/2023 - 04/02/2023

Fossil Pointe Sporting Grounds

March 31 – April 2nd, 2023
The “Defenders Series” with Defenders USA’s Adam Winch and at least one other Defenders USA instructor, will be hosted by the North Fort Worth “A Girl &A Gun” Chapter at Fossil Pointe Sporting Grounds & at the Hampton Inn & Suites (110 South US 287, Decatur, TX).

Adam’s bio’s can be seen on the Defenders USA website under “About Us”. He is a certified Master firearms instructor, with an extensive background in Law Enforcement, SWAT, the US Military and on tactical teams, and has trained thousands upon thousands of civilians, military, and law enforcement personnel.

Below is a schedule of events for this “Defenders Series”. It is subject to change as needed based on weather and range needs so be prepared for any possible small changes throughout the weekend.

Friday Evening Discussions: 6 pm – approx. 9:30 pm’ish, held at the conference room at Hampton Inn (Decatur, TX).
Topics: Legal Defense of Life Considerations, increasing Personal Situational Awareness, & Non-Firearm Self Defense Tactics & Tools.
This portion is free and open to the public, and any donation you feel it is worth to you would be helpful and appreciated.

Saturday (8:30 am – approx. 5:30 pm)
Saturday Range Time & Discussions at Fossil Pointe:
Topics: “Good Witness vs. A Victim”, Physiological Responses to Attacks, Pre-Planning to Win, & Targeting
Handgun Fundamentals – thoughtfully developing rock solid handling and shooting fundamentals
350 to 500 rounds of ammunition

Sunday  (8:30 am – approx. 5:30 pm)
Sunday Range Time & Discussions at Fossil Pointe:
Topics: Personal Preparedness for the Defense Of Life, What to Expect in a Life & Death Encounter, How to Deal with the Aftermath, Defensive Options & Tactics
Handgun Speed & Accuracy and Handgun Defensive Fighting
350 to 500 rounds of ammunition

***Of note, once the combination of both speed and accuracy are clearly in each shooter, we will move to learning realistically fighting with a gun. This will be thoughtful and faster-paced than Saturday but we will not go so fast that it leaves anyone behind. The idea is for the shooters to build abilities beyond just shooting well, as fighting with a gun is often a different skill set above and beyond simply shooting. Gun fights are mostly at close range, happen blindly fast, and tend to involve a lot of effort and movement.

These 2.5 days will be a thoughtful approach to personal handgun training, helping any beginner start correctly or helping the veteran shooter tighten up any areas that need work. We will spend approximately 3 hours each day in a classroom setting going deeply into many of the myriad of aspects that need to be considered by anyone who has chosen to be a defender of life. Based on a lot of experience teaching this, the attendees will not only become better shooters but will also be able to become a well-rounded defender of life overall.

Friday evening will be fun, informative discussions about important issues related to being a gun carrier and defender that isn’t always given the depth needed in the gun world. The classroom time will be thought-provoking and help with areas I found over my police career where gun owners are often undecided or hadn’t considered well, if at all.
Again, this portion is open to the public free of charge and any donation you may feel it is worth would be helpful and appreciated.

Saturday will continue more discussions that are so needed considered, debated, and understood by lawful gun owners.

Our Saturday range time will be deliberate and careful, breaking down the many aspects of handling and shooting into “chunking” segments in order to build a shooter’s skills correctly the first time, or to properly encode over bad habits so often found in the gun world, all in order to increase the more experienced shooter’s abilities and skills.
The idea is to truly master the basics, to the point of understanding how to self-diagnose inefficiencies and even be able to teach these fundamentals to others. These are the same skills taught to both the brand new shooter and to the experienced shooters or professional gun carriers, such as law enforcement or military. It will be fun, positive, and will build or increase comfort and confidence in gun abilities and handling.

By the end of Saturday, the shooters will be tired but thoughtful and happy, with a lot to think about and personal changes that may need to be made as they come to new realizations. We may even have a group dinner at a local restaurant in Decatur for those who would want to join us.

On Sunday, we will go into many of the important aspects of being willing to defend life and surviving the aftermath of having to use lethal force. Our time in the classroom will absolutely capture the hearts and attention of those attending as we discuss extremely serious and even graphic topics that will likely cause emotions to rise. The subjects will be deep as we delve into the grave realities of having to defend life and surviving the worst moments true Evil brings.

Our Sunday range time will continue working on building speed with accuracy, then move into realistic fighting with a handgun, dealing with more than one bad guy, how to defend others, decisional shooting, fighting from the ground, shooting in movement, and more.

Those attending the entire 2 1/2 days will be tired from the weekend, as they will have worked hard, have had to question much, think a lot and struggle with important questions, and they will have spent a decent amount of emotional, mental, and physical energy throughout.

I look forward to seeing the growth in handgun skills of those attending, and the personal mental growth and realizations that will be just as important, or even more important, than the shooting abilities developed or refined.

The Hampton Inn & Suites has graciously set aside a block of hotel rooms for those coming into town and needing a room to stay in.
Feel free to use the code “A Girl & A Gun” when booking a room with the Hampton Inn front desk, as that should make the cost $79 per night. You’ll need to call and speak with the folks at the front desk to be able to used that discounted code. Booking online will not work, even with that code.
Hampton Inn front desk: (940) 627-4900.

Items needed:
– $20 per day (Sat. & Sun.) in cash for range fees.
That money will be collected and given directly to the Fossil Pointe range.
– Handgun with at least three magazines
– Quality holster and sturdy belt or a holster on an PHLster Enigma rig. Our own favorite holsters here at Defenders USA can be found at www.HavenDefenseCo.com.
(NOTE: NO Blackhawk SERPA or similar style holsters, NO bra holsters, NO purse holsters, NO ankle holsters, NO pocket holsters, NO shoulder holsters, NO cross-draw holsters. If you have questions about finding a quality holster, feel free to contact Adam.
– Eye & Ear Protection (standard eye glasses would work just fine)
– 700 to 1,000 rounds of ammunition. More is better (factory ammunition is highly recommended but if you bring reloaded ammunition, understand that many are not reliable and can be dangerous).
– A lunch on Saturday and Sunday, along with any snacks or non-alcoholic beverages wanted throughout the day.
– Closed toed shoes
– No plunging necklines
– A hat with a brim is recommended
– Note-taking materials
– Black permanent marker
– A yoga mat or some type of mat on Sunday
– Clothing appropriate for an outdoor range and any sunscreen or bug spray you may want.
– A burning desire to learn and an openness to try new things, a willingness to question “why”, and a determination to never allow yourself and those you love to be the victim of Evil.

Fossil Pointe Sporting Grounds has ammo for sale there, and it generally costs $19 a box of 50 (9mm). If purchasing ammo from Fossil Pointe, they have reserved a good amount of ammo for those attending this course to hopefully cover any ammo needs. Do not call ahead to reserve ammo with FPSG; they have already reserved the ammo we need and it can be purchased when we are all there on Saturday morning.

7282 FM 51, Decatur, TX 76234

Feel free to contact me with any questions! I look forward to meeting you and training with you!!

Adam Winch
Owner, founder, and Lead Instructor
Defenders USA



Does NOT include a $20 per day range fee that will need to be collected from each shooter for Sat. & Sunday.


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