“Defending God’s People” Handgun & Church Security – Grand Junction, CO

Date(s) - 12/03/2022

Cameo Shooting & Educational Complex

This “Defending God’s People” Handgun & Church Security” is intended for those part of a church security team or who have answered the calling to be part of the defense of those who spend time in God’s house.  On the range, we will be focusing on developing skill and speed in fast draw stroke from the holster and making precise shots from varying distances. We will also have classroom and scenario training that is evidence based and realistic. We will be focused on scenario responses and making good to better decisions, developing and enhancing proper legal and physical responses to the multitude of dangers faced by churches today, and creating highly accurate, efficient, realistic handgun skills at fight speeds while in a crowded environment.

The event will last from 8:30 am till approximately 5:30 pm, all held at the Cameo Shooting & Educational Complex (Cameo, CO, near Grand Junction, CO).

Items needed:
– Handgun with three magazines
– A quality holster, along with a sturdy belt
– Approximately 450 to 650 rounds of ammo
– Eye & ear protection
– Any food or non-alcoholic beverages wanted

We will have a short lunch break. Bring food you can eat during the breaks and at lunch, as there will not be time to leave the range for food.

We will start on the range, addressing handling and shooting fundamentals needed for real fighting but precision handgun skills (completely different than traditional or target shooting). This is not easy, gentle gun stuff. This is both speed and precision fight shooting, so come prepared to be challenged, to learn new or better ways to handle and shoot a handgun. If you leave the ego at home, and realize your likely many years of shooting skills almost certainly will be changed to far better, you will highly benefit from this training. We do ask that you come with an open mind, willing learn and do new things.

We will also combine the range time with in-depth mental, legal, and tactical processes needed for helping you and your church attendees to best survive a dangerous event, both in the immediacy of the event and in the longer term aftermath.

This training is intense and can be hard for even the highly trained or professional firearms carriers. This is where anyone on a church security or large group security personnel desperately need stretched and challenged, all in order to build, hone, or refine the myriad of mental and handgun skills needed for these situations.

There are very limited openings; registering soon is advisable.

Feel free to contact us directly for any other questions.


Registration are closed for this event.