Defensive Fighting Handgun I – Craig, CO

Date(s) - 04/28/2018

Bears Ears Sportsmans Club

The Defensive Fighting Handgun I Course will be held on a gun range at the Bears Ears Sportsman’s Club on County Road 7, just outside Craig, at the base of Cedar Mountain. We’ll start at 8:30 am and ending around 12:30 pm.

The DFH1 is ideal for anyone of any skill level to learn safe handgun handling and use when fighting for life itself while under the stress inherent in such a fight.

The DFH1 consists of learning or improving a natural, neutral fighting stance, proper and safe handling, draw stroke, loading correctly, recoil management, intuitive unsighted and sighted fire, and far more, ultimately creating combat accuracy while building speed and efficiency that works well with what the body does naturally when under fear and high stress.

Our students leave the range with realistic defensive fighting knowledge and skills, as well as having a great time. Get a friend to come along, it will only enhance what you learn!

Needed items:
– A handgun
– pants or short with belt loops and a sturdy belt
– reliable holster
– approximately 350 – 500 rounds of ammunition per person (for a semi-automatic), or 250 – 350 rounds of ammunition (for revolvers)
– three (3) magazines per semi-automatic handgun
– eye and ear protection
– any non-alcoholic beverage and food you’d like

If you have questions about using or finding a handgun and the needed accessories, please contact me as soon as possible to arrange help in picking one or ideas for the correct type of handgun best used for a dynamic defensive situation.

If you do not have a handgun but plan on purchasing one before the class, please contact Defenders USA first, if at all possible. We might be able to rent out a handgun or two for those who need to use one. We will be able to help in the selection of a proper defensive handgun that is a quality, efficient defensive handgun versus what is often pushed by the gun-counter sales folks at the vast majority of gun stores, or by the many other low-quality CHP/CCW courses, or that is usually recommended by others who do not understand defensive handguns as well as they usually believe.

The students will be doing a lot of moving so comfortable clothing with belt support is needed. Please remember this is an outdoor environment so dress accordingly.

Please be open-minded, especially those who already have been through some training somewhere. This is usually easy for those who’ve had little or no previous handgun training, so no issues there. But, if you’ve had some training somewhere else, please put any ego and former training habits aside enough to come learn. The vast majority of “gun people”, military personnel, and law enforcement who attend this training are almost always surprised in this training, finding it to be above and beyond what they’ve been through so far. And those with former firearms training will often find the techniques they’d previously ingrained are less efficient than what is actually needed. Come as an open book and willing to be challenged and to learn.

We look forward to seeing you there!

After a lunch break, the Defensive Fighting Handgun II Course will begin at the same location. The DFH2 will continue until around 6:30 pm or later (depending on weather & lighting) and will build upon the skills learned in the morning’s DFH1.
The DFH1, or having completed a”Defenders Series” is a pre-requisite to attend the DFH2. The DFH2 is a demanding training session and one must already have the solid, proven handgun skills taught in our previous course before continuing into this listed afternoon training session.

If you want to attend the full day of training – The Defensive Fighting Handgun I & II – there is a separate link on the website calendar for the full day of training.


Registration are closed for this event.


“This was the best ($) I’ve ever spent! My wife and I learned so much and loved every minute of it.. We are planning on doing the full Defenders Series next month!”