Defensive Fighting Handgun I & II– Grand Junction, CO

defensive handgun training

Date(s) - 06/06/2020

Rocky Mountain Gun Club

This a combined Defensive Fighting Handgun I & II course, (See the link to the DFH1 for those details) starting at basic defensive handgun skills / handling and taking the skills all the way to where the shooter is highly competent with handling and fighting with a handgun in defense of life. This all day training course(s) will take an already trained handgun user or a completely new-to-handgun student and help them efficiently and effectively handle and fight with a handgun in defense of life. The training will also highly enhance, and likely change and refine, the handling and shooting skills of anyone who is already a highly trained handgun user.

Items needed:
 – Handgun 
– Quality holster (Blackhawk SERPA or similiar holsters are banned from this course, i.e., any holster where retention is released using the trigger finger).
– 650 to 1,000 round of ammo (feel free to contact us if you need advice on where to purchase ammo). 
– Closed toe shoes and a sturdy belt (pants, shorts, or skirt with belt loops)
– Eye & ear protection (slim line or foam inserts work best).
– Anything you’d like to eat or drink (non-alcoholic). We will have a short lunch break where you can run out to a faster restaurant for food, as needed.  

This is an all day training event. It is packed full of information and learning how to safely and proficiently use a handgun for both fun shooting and for fighting in defense of life. It is not overwhelming yet will be a challenge to anyone of any level of handgun skill and you will leave proficient and confident in your abilities with handgun in defense of life.

If you are looking to purchase a handgun, feel free to contact us for any advice. We’d be happy to help you avoid the often very bad advice given by gun counter sales people in most gun stores. 
If you have questions about your current gun(s), caliber, equipment, please feel free to contact us. We’d love to help.  

Come train yourself to be highly proficient, safe, accurate, quick, and professionally trained using, handling, and shooting a handgun in order to protect those you love.

This course is also an excellent refresher for any Defenders Series grads, DFH1 and DFH2 grads, and for any professional firearms carrier. For returning students, we look forward to seeing you again!


Registration are closed for this event.

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