Defensive Fighting Handgun II – Craig, CO

Date(s) - 07/14/2019

Bears Ears Sportsmans Club

This course has a mandatory pre-requisite of having previously attended the Defensive Fighting Handgun I, or a “Defenders Series”. The Defensive Fighting Handgun I (DFH1) will be held at the Bears Ears Sportsman’s Club the day before this DFHII, on Saturday June 13th.

The Defensive Fighting Handgun II continues from the skills built on the previous day’s DFH1, taking defensive handgun skills / handling and taking the skills all the way to where the shooter is highly competent with handling and fighting with a handgun in defense of life.
This is an intensive, all day training course that will take a completely good shooter into being a highly efficiently and effectively handgun user. The training will also highly enhance, and likely change and refine, the handling and shooting skills of anyone who is already considers themselves a well trained handgun user and carrier.

This all day training will be held at the Bears Ears Sportsman’s Complex outside of Craig, CO.
Come train yourself to be highly proficient, safe, accurate, quick, and professionally trained for use, handling, and defense of life with a handgun!

Needed Items:
Reliable holster (Blackhawk SERPA or similar trigger button release holsters are banned!!)
Pants or shorts with belt loops and a sturdy belt
650-1,000 rounds of ammunition
Eye and ear protection
Anything you’d want to eat or drink throughout the day

This training will be on an outdoor range to plan and dress accordingly.

This course is also an excellent refresher for any “Defenders Series” grads, DH1 and DH2 grads, and for any professional firearms carrier. For returning students, we look forward to seeing you again!


Registration are closed for this event.


“This [Defenders Series] is by far the most inclusive CCW course around. Comparable courses are in the thousands of dollars. So much more of a tactical training and strategic use of your firearm than just some CCW class. Carrying your firearm and knowing how to draw point and shoot is one thing; knowing that your better at it than the dirtbag in front of you is totally different. Jump on this opportunity while it’s still affordable. It’s Worth 10x what you’ll pay.”