Defensive Focused Shooting – Cortez, CO

Date(s) - 04/17/2016

Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Club

The Defensive Focused Shooting is a full day experience of handgun handling and defensive fighting shooting training that is based on the realities of the vast majority of modern defensive handgun uses in America. It starts with our “Intro To Defensive Shooting” course in the morning and continues into the rest of the day for the full DFS.

This training is perfect for anyone, from the absolute beginner to the highly trained firearms user. All will learn a lot, in fact, most “gun people” are surprised at the depth of this training and by how much even they learn throughout this course.

This course is a good refresher for any of our Defenders Series graduates and is excellent for any professional gun carrier, i.e., law enforcement, etc. Any LEO will be surprised by how much they learn, the new skills gained, and by how hard they and their equipment will be pushed.
To any Defenders Series grad, your gained skills are perishable! The DFS is the non-classroom, range-only, shooting portions of the Defenders Series and I urge you to come refresh these necessary, life-saving skills.

Needed for the DFS:
– Handgun
– Holster (a reliable one, call if you have questions about “reliable”)
– 3 magazines (if using a semi-automatic handgun)
– 650 – 850 rounds of ammunition for semi-autos; 500-650 if using a revolver (please consider a semi-auto…)
– Eye & ear protection
– any non-alcoholic liquids to drink and any food / snacks you might want (yeah, don’t bring your beer or whiskey…)
– Openness, a sense of humor, willingness to learn, and leave your ego at home.

This eight to nine hour training will challenge the students, from the beginner to anyone who already has extensive firearms training. All will end having learned quite a lot and with new or refreshed defensive fighting handgun skills.

Contact me if you have any questions.

Adam Winch




Registration are closed for this event.

“Here it is, my testimony. It started as thanks to you and (instructor name redacted for privacy purposes)  and other helpers but it turned into a testimony. Please, feel free to change wording, phrasing, whatever you feel like, so it will get my thoughts through better that I could express. English language is not my strong subject plus I have very limited vocabulary, so, help me out a little bit. I am not sure if I can mention (name redacted) in this…. I would like to. You, guys, are simply amazing people. You do your work with such a passion it is incredible. I think you are the most amazing people I met in my life. Having been through such stuff that most of the people cannot even imagine but you held on to your soul, to your heart, to your sanity and not only did not break but became strong example of courage and strength for all of us. It is also incredible how you could understand us – simple, regular people – and how you could teach us on our level. You are the true heroes and thank you very much for your service!

Thank you so much for all the work you did with us for the last three days. It was a truly amazing experience and it really changed the game of life for me (can I say so?). Besides legalities, which are important, no questions, I learnt about responsible handling, carrying and using the gun to defend lives. I not only learnt to shoot in different situations and conditions but I also really got inspired to do everything in my power to get myself fit, strong and smart so I can be “natural” and intuitive in using this deadly force (only) when needed instead of freezing and not being able to move which I know I have tendency to do. And, as you said, that ability comes from understanding – on the core level – the foundation of all aspects that are involved in defending life using a handgun – mental, psychological, emotional preparedness, awareness, etc.
Absolutely wonderful class, extremely professional and responsible trainers. I felt very safe all the time. Considering how much shooting was going on on the range it felt almost unreal how just 2-3 people (professional, experienced in real life situations instructors) could hold stable safety all the time. It is imperative (crucial) for any person who is intended to carry a gun or is going to carry a gun to go through this course. We all (people) will be more safe, more responsible, more aware, and more alive. I want to repeat – if you carry a gun you are responsible to learn how to properly use it. Otherwise you or somebody around you can get seriously hurt if not worse. Negligence is unforgivable in this matter. Negligence kills people. But knowledge and ability to use it goes a long-long way and we all can be much safer as a society. I feel this course has to be a mandatory for anybody carrying a gun.
So, thank you, guys! Thank you, Adam! Thank you! I will be coming back for sure! And I will tell everybody I know, who has a gun, about you.”