Dry Fire Symposium & Handgun Fundamentals- Hockley, TX

Date(s) - 09/11/2022

J-S Ranch Pond House

This Dry Fire Symposium & Handgun Fundamentals (live fire on the range) is a training event is hosted by the Cypress (TX) A Girl & A Gun Chapter (https://www.agirlandagun.org/cat/tx-cypress/),

This training is OPEN to both men and ladies, as this is expert instruction that applies to anyone who views a handgun as a defensive tool.
This course will teach handgun dry fire skills for those attending so they can find both the fun and skill growth that comes with personal dry fire practice on their own. After extensive, fun dry fire training, we will move to the range and being incorporating all the learned skills into live fire.
You will absolutely discover large personal improvements in shooting, recoil control, throttle control, and more by the end of the training day!

We will start at 8:30 am at a private range near Hockley, TX and end around 5 pm’ish.

Training and Range location:
29049 Hegar Road
Hockley, TX. 77447
(Driving directions from the Houston area will be included in the registration email.)

Property Lat. / Long:
30.13802 N., 95.87406 W.

This dry fire training is offered because handgun owners have a legal, ethical and moral responsibility to grow and refine our handgun handling and shooting skills, much of which can be done in the comfort of our homes through thoughtful, deliberate dryfire practice, both isolating parts at times and combining it all together for growth. Learning how to train dry fire is an essential skill to push past plateaus, as you are your best trainer.

Once the technical skills are honed, we will move to the range for live fire. The vast majority of in this course push past plateaus that have been plaguing them for years and you will likely shoot the best you’ve ever done to this point in your life, with growth that will keep coming afterwards.

Come find the fun and handgun skills growth that does come through dry fire and live fire under supportive, expert instruction, and learn to build and vary your own dry and live fire routines that don’t get old, continue to be enjoyable, and absolutely does make you a better handler and shooter.

This is a very comprehensive training course, addressing everything from grip, stance, draws, and far more, in order to make the draw more efficient and translating into far better shooting when using a live handgun. This training will require a lot of focus, being open to new or better information and technique, and absolute personal honesty…this will make more sense in the class.

We will grow into using a gun in non-conventional range methods, meaning when forced to use it defensively and as in a fight, and not as if just standing static on a line at the range. This training will be moderately physical, with everyone doing as much as able, with movement involved and drawing and using the gun from the ground and in awkward positions.

If time permits, we will also have a few Airsoft handguns that (Safely!) allows seeing what it’s like to actually have to face someone who is also armed, helping you see where your own skills break down and need focused attention in training.

*****OF NOTE: No matter the condition of your handgun when you arrive, please LEAVE IT ALONE until directed otherwise!!
If you arrive with a loaded, concealed handgun, please DO NOT touch the handgun until directed to do so.
If arriving with a downloaded or boxed handgun, please LEAVE IT ALONE.
*****There will be a very strict process for removing any live ammo and verifying any and all live ammo is removed and taken away, and that all handguns are downloaded and confirmed as such.

Items Needed:
– Handgun & two magazines (NO LIVE AMMUNITION once the downloading process is competed and verified, until we move to the live fire range)
(There will be multiple H&K VP9 handguns with holsters you are welcome to try out if needing a handgun)
– Quality holster, either strong side carry or AIWB.
(NOTE: NO SERPA holsters or of similar design that releases the gun by use of the trigger finger, NO floppy holsters, NO bra or pocket holsters, NO ankle holsters, NO purse holsters, etc.)
– 200 – 350 rounds of ammunition (left in vehicles until directed to bring it to the live fire range).
– Eye and ear protection
– Hat with a front brim
– No low cut shirts.
– Fully enclosed shoes
– Any non-alcoholic beverages and food wanted for the entire day. We will not have time to go into town for lunch as we have much to do throughout the day.

Optional Items:
– Any barrel / magazine blockers you have
– Any inert training rounds (I.e. A-Zooms, etc.)
– Spare magazine(s) holder
– Goggles (full eye protection for Airsoft work)
– Yoga mat or similar (for some cushion during any ground work)
– Any dry fire training tools you currently use (Mantis, etc.)
– Any food or non-alcoholic beverages wanted for during the training
– Clothing for the predicted weather that day, and any sunscreen and/or bug spray desired.

This training event will be conducted by Adam Winch, Defenders USA’s founder and Lead Instructor. Dillon Wells, a certified Defenders USA handgun instructor, will be assisting. Their bio’s can be found on the Defenders USA website under “About US“.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. I look forward to this training with you!!

Adam Winch
Founder & Lead Instructor, Defenders USA


Registration are closed for this event.