Fighting Handgun Concepts – Mesa, AZ

Date(s) - 04/08/2023

Rio Salado Sportsman's Club

Advanced Fighting Handgun
Jan. 29th, 2023, 8:30am – 5:00pm’ish
Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club / Mesa, AZ
Training Bay #1

This Fighting Handgun Concepts (FHC) is a natural progression beyond our Handgun Fundamentals and the Speed & Accuracy courses. Those courses are pre-requisites to attend this AFH, or other reputable, higher-end prior training that can be verified.
If this will be your first training with us at Defenders USA, you will have to successfully complete a short handling and shooting skills test at the beginning of the class. If you do not pass that test, you will not be allowed to remain for the rest of the training day.
The training of this day is intense enough that we must be sure any newcomer we’ve not already vetted ourselves can safely participate in this advanced training, as it is intentionally created for for the already highly-trained civilian with a defensive fighting mindset and skills to match, and LEO’s, or Mil personnel.

If you have questions that you are ready for this course, please contact Adam at the number listed below.

This FHC will be co-instructed by Adam Winch, Defenders USA’s founder and lead instructor. Adam is a certified Master Instructor, with an extensive background in both real-life dangerous situations and as a nationally recognized trainer. His bio can be found on our website under the ABOUT US tab.

This FHC moves quickly to advanced handling and shooting, going into various malfunction drills, one-handed handgun use from an injured fighting use perspective, 360 degree draw strokes, handling, and shooting in/from odd, unorthodox positions from all points of the compass that happen so easily in real life incidents, shooting from and best uses of cover and concealment, longer range precision shooting, VCQB (meaning handling and shooting in, around, over, under, into, out of, and through vehicles while in close quarters or confinement within vehicles), handling and shooting in extremely close proximity to others, high-stress physical exertion shooting, shooting in movement, shooting in defense of others from multiple positions and locations, extreme precision shooting, and far more.

Attendees will also engage in realistic scenario-based situations, responding to complex threats and will also need to explain the physical and legal justification(s) for their actions or non-actions.
Please check with us if you have any doubts about your physical ability to complete this course, as we are often able to accommodate or modify for specific physical issues.

This is a mentally and physically challenging course, taking the students confidence and ability to defend life with a gun to even higher level.

Needed items:
Handgun (or more in case the primary handgun goes down)
Reliable holster & three magazines
At least 500 rounds of ammo
Handgun cleaning supplies (you and your weapon will be getting dirty)
Eye & ear protection
Weather appropriate clothing for an outdoor environment
Any wanted snacks, food, & non-alcoholic beverages
A durable mat (you will be working often from the ground on hard packed dirt and gravel, thus for may be wanted for comfort)
Sunscreen & bug spray
A brimmed hat
A chair (such as a camping chair that can take a small amount of abuse)
$15 range fee in cash

The lunch break will be not be lengthy and it is highly recommended to bring food for a short lunch break there at the range, as there isn’t any food nearby and we will not have a long enough break for anyone to leave the range.

Feel free to contact or call with any questions.
Adam: 970-986-0774

We look forward to seeing you in the Fighting Handgun Concepts




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