Fighting Rifle Applications 1 – Cameo, CO

Date(s) - 08/27/2022

Cameo Shooting & Educational Complex

The Fighting Rifle Applications 1 training course is a high-caliber course developed to help prepare and train anyone in the efficient defensive and fighting use of the AR-15 or other fighting rifles / carbine platforms within the context of reality. Due to some travel needs, we will begin at 8:30 am at the Cameo Shooting & Education Complex in Bay 6.

This course is a one-day training experience teaching basic to advanced combat-focused long gun shooting, handling, ballistics & zeroing, manipulation, fighting with a rifle, defensive concerns and posture, close quarters fighting to long range precision shooting, and a lot more. It is filled with live fire on the range and honing rifle / carbine fighting and shooting skills, while also addressing legal and physical concerns related to using this type of platform in close quarters and urban environments. We consider this course to be moderately physical. Many students think it is a fun, challenging, ball-buster. Either way, this training course will push each student to develop expertise with the rifle, no matter what each’s abilities and limits.

Most will bring an AR-15 / M4-based weapons platform but we often see other platforms during this course, such as the AK varients, the Tavor, Styer, and other bull-pups, the Mini-14, M-14, AR-10, and others. We’ve had 9mm, .45, .223, 5.56, 7.62, .308, and other calibers in this course. We’ve even had a lever-action rifle in this course (a fantastic defensive rifle in the hands of a trained user).

No rifle? We might be able to arrange a rental rifle and magazines for you to use (970-986-0774).

Ammunition Available!!
Cameo has ammunition available for your to purchase for this course, at some of the lowest costs in the country. Feel free to call them ahead of time to reserve it or you should be able to pay for it when you get there.

Needed items:
– Rifle / Carbine with open sights and/or optics
– Three magazines
– 550 – 850 rounds of ammo (let us know if you need ammo for this course).
– Eye & Ear protection
– Non-alcoholic beverages & any food / snacks you may want (it’s easiest to bring all food for the day)
– Appropriate clothing and gear for outdoor environments (rain / cold weather gear, sunscreen, bug spray, head cover, etc.)
***Note: a sling on your weapon is strongly, strong suggested; feel free to contact us about recommended slings and gear. If time allows, we may get into transitioning to secondary weapons so feel free to bring a handgun, holster, magazines, handgun ammo, etc.

Optional items:
– A hat with a front brim, such as a baseball hat
– a mat or blanket for ground or prone work and shooting (shooting mat, yoga mat, etc.)
– a sand sock
– something to prop the rifle on during prone shooting
– chair
– sunscreen & bug repellent

***If you are going to sign up, please call Adam at 970-986-0774 so we can go over your rifle, its set up, and other related gear so we can assure a minimum of down time fixing problems at the beginning of the training day.

Come ready to learn, shoot a lot, question a lot, and do a lot. This isn’t a tea and crumpets course. You will learn to fight, really fight, realistically fight within the context of reality with your weapon, and fight hard. Your body will feel it the next day or two after; proof you did something good, challenged yourself, and learned great stuff. And you’ll be a trained, efficient fighter with that gun.

This course will be taught by Brent Hickmon, a lead instructor with Defenders USA. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about weapons set up or gear.



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