Group or Individual Training Range Day

Date(s) - 03/03/2018

Rocky Mountain Gun Club

Defenders USA has the Tactical Bay at the Rocky Mountain Gun Club reserved for this day, starting at 11 am. We’re opening this day up for private training in two or four hour increments for those who want expert guided help in different areas of firearms use. Consideration will also be giving to a full day of training, based on needs.

The intention is for families or groups,or those who work together, or go to church together, or friends, etc., to get together and experience high-end firearms training and shooting in differing skill areas.

We’ll leave the general topics / skills to you.

But, here’s some great ideas, if you’re just not sure what to work on:
Beginning defensive handling & shooting
Proper use of cover and shooting
Drawing and shooting from concealment
Aimed fire
Shooting within context of reality of most defensive gun uses
Firearm safety, handling, and shooting
Multiple target engagement
Clearing malfunctions
Combat rifle / carbine applications
and on and on….

Note: No steel core, armor piercing or SS109/M855 US, per RMGC policies.

Call or contact us to reserve time slot(s) or for more information. Note that costs for this training will vary based on group size, time allotted, and skills to be worked on.


“…no joking, if you have a CCW and haven’t taken these classes at least once, you are kidding yourself and endangering yourself. This is the best education you can get at any price and it is so incredibly cheap, especially when compared to the value of your life and your family, that you are silly to pass it up. Train now, so if God forbid you need it, you are prepared. Not training could be really sad.”

Gene later added:

“This is WORLD CLASS Training. Probably some of the best money you can ever spend. (It might just keep you and your loved ones alive.)”