Handgun Concepts To Win – Cameo, CO

Date(s) - 05/02/2023

Cameo Shooting & Educational Complex

WARNING: This is NOT a beginners handgun course. This is an advanced handgun course, mainly intended for the attendees and family members of the AG & AG National Conference, as we already believe these folks likely have enough training to attend this course.

This intense training event is also open to the public for those trained up well enough to attend.

For those whom are not prior students of ours, or are not with AG&AG, or whom we do not know personally or do not know their training level, there will be short handling and shooting test at the beginning of the training day in order to verify safety and skill levels. The test is not a hard one but it must be passed in order to continue the training throughout the day. The test and standards will not give out ahead of time; it performance-on-demand based, which will be easy for anyone with solid training.

This course will be moderately physical and each attendee will be pushed hard within their own individual capabilities, filled with explosive movements, working and shooting from down on the ground, getting up and down multiple times, quick lateral / forward / backwards movements, use of cover, short sprints, shooting with others in movement or controlling people while shooting, and much more.
Understand this is a course training on how to win in a realistic gunfight situation, even if around or needing to protect others. It will be intense while also being a thoughtful learning atmosphere, geared to helped even the slowest among the group to learn to fight as best as possible within whatever physical limitations one has.

If anyone outside of AG&AG wants to sign up, if is open to the public BUT this is (again) an advanced course. If you are not ready for this course, it will quickly become apparent and we will be forced to ask you to sit out, without a refund of any money you paid for this course.
Thus, if you are ready for this course, we welcome you. If you are not, you come at your own risk of possibly not being allowed to complete the training AND not getting a refund because we had to sit you out due to inexperience or safety.

Cameo Shooting & Education Complex
Bay 10, starting promptly at 0900. Please be there about 15 minutes early to fill waivers and make sure we can all be ready to go at 9 am.

Items Needed:
– Handgun & at three magazines (if single stack magazines, for is preferable)
– 350 to 500 rounds of ammunition (more is better)
– Magazine carrier or double mag carrier
– Quality, safe holster (NOTE: Blackhawk SERPA or similar trigger-finger release holsters are NOT allowed in this course. NO bra holster, NO pocket holsters, NO cross draw or shoulder holsters, NO ankle holsters, NO purse holsters, NO nylon or other floppy holsters.
– Eye & ear protection
– A front brimmed hat, such as a baseball hat, etc.
– NO shirts with a low hanging front & pants would be best
– A lunch – there aren’t restaurants nearby and we will not have time for anyone to leave the range to go get lunch
– Any snacks or non-alcoholic beverages wanted throughout the day
– An open mind, ready to be pushed, a fighting spirit determined to win, and a willingness to listen to, ask questions about, and explore concepts and techniques related to fighting for your life with a handgun or for the lives of those you love.

Optional items:
– Camp chair
– Knee and/or elbow pads
– Yoga or similar sturdy mat
– Sunscreen, bug spray, lip balm, or other outdoor protective equipment or items
– Note taking material

This will be a full day on an active outdoor range so dress appropriately for the predicted weather of the day, for physical activity, and conditions of an outdoor bay range.

If you have any questions, feel freed to call or contact us.

Adam Winch



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