Defensive Handgun I & II– Grand Junction, CO

Date(s) - 04/30/2016

Outdoor Range (TBA in registration email)

This course is a continuation of our highly-acclaimed Defenders Series and is intended for DS Graduates or the already highly-trained armed professional.  The training continues with tactical movement, building clearing, unorthodox position shooting, differing cover use, vehicles and weapons, extreme precision and distance, one-handed shooting and handling and more.

The Defenders Series is the flagship of the Defenders USA courses, incorporating the Basic CCW, Defensive Handgun and Tactical Handgun courses into one intense, fun-filled weekend; this Series helps prepare responsible gun owners for efficient use of their handguns in the context of saving life from today’s evil.  The Complete Defenders Series includes both classroom instruction as well as expert-instructed range practice; the Defensive Handgun I & II Course is only the range portion of the Defenders Series.


Registration are closed for this event.


I Just Took the Most Amazing, Informative and Interactive Handgun course at Defenders USA, It is a 3 day, 20 hour course with half your time in the class room and the other on the range learning how to safely handle your fire arm and real life defensive training. I came to this class not being able to hit a broad side of a barn with my handgun and now I am able unload my handgun like an assault rifle but with precision and accuracy. Those of you that have CCW and have not had any training, even those of you that have you should really consider this course. Thanks Adam Winch