Intro to Defensive Shooting – Grand Junction, CO

Date(s) - 04/09/2016

outdoor range

We highly recommend the Intro to Defensive Shooting (ITDS) be taken in addition to the CCW Course and continue on with your defensive training. This is ideal for those who aren’t able to attend a Defenders Series. It consists of learning or improving a natural stance, proper handling, draw stroke, recoil management, intuitive unsighted and sighted fire, and more, creating combat accuracy while building speed and efficiency that works well with what the body does naturally when in fear and under high stress. Our students leave the range with realistic defensive fighting knowledge, experience and confidence as well as having a great time.


Registration are closed for this event.


“Fabulous class last night! Anyone interested in getting their CCW permit or just soaking in overall info on gun handling and laws. Check this out!
Thanks Adam”