Ladies Situational Awareness & Self Defense Seminar – Meeker, CO

Krav Maga photo

Date(s) - 04/11/2020

Meeker School Administrative Building Gym

Defenders USA‘s acclaimed Ladies Situational Awareness & Self Defense Seminar is returning to Meeker, Saturday, April 11th, from 8 am to 2:30 pm!

This training event is sponsored by Suzan Pelloni at Steamboat Sotheby’s International Realty and by Kevin Amack, State Farm Insurance Agency (Meeker & Rangely) all to provide an well rounded Ladies Situational Awareness & Self Defense Seminar in Meeker, CO, teaching how to defend oneself how to avoid an attack or how to best use explosive violence in order to stun, distract, and break away from an attacker or attackers who want to cause harm, rape, kidnap, or kill.
This Krav Maga course, the renown Israeli military hand-to-hand fighting style, also taught by multiple Law Enforcement agencies (Denver PD and many others) and Military entities to their own personnel.

A healthy lunch will also be provided by Suzan and Kevin for all attending!

This course will start at 8 am and go till around 2:30 pm. We will get into dealing with an appropriate defensive mindset, how to become more aware of evil within your surroundings, to look for pre-attack cues, developing realistic daily habits that increase our ability to avoid an attack, understanding the necessary use of violence in order to protect if ever attacked, and dealing with criminial(s) who want your possessions or harm you.
We will also deal with how to defend against an unarmed attacked, multiple assailants, or defending against various weapons attacks, and using non-firearms weapons as a viable defensive tools. We will get into other self defense and home defense tips, and the how-to’s that are practical and helpful in avoiding an attack in the first place.

The is a challenging training course that any lady of any physical ability can attend. You will learn to fight and fight viciously, all to break away, to stun, to distract, or to access other weapons, or to overwhelm an attacker. 
If you promise to give it your best and stay open to learning and putting forth real effort, you will benefit greatly from this course.

Come think, work hard, and learn. 

“The best fight you’ll ever have is the one you avoid in the first place”

“The more you sweat in training, the less you’ll bleed in combat”


Registration are closed for this event.