Long Range Precision 1 & 2 – Cameo, CO

Date(s) - 08/20/2021 - 08/24/2021

For shooters who want to go all in, we’ve bundled 2 of our most popular courses to make registration even easier and create an outstanding 5-day training opportunity. PLUS receive almost a 10% discount by registering for both classes. But beware: While this back-to-back bundle may look enticing and facilitate your travel plans, this combo of classes is not for the faint of heart. 5 days of 8-10 hours of instruction, live fire, and demanding exercises is intense! If you’d prefer to take the classes separately, check-out the LRP 1 page and the LRP 2 page. Note: This bundle does not include Fieldcraft 1 and 2. If you’re interested in a super-intense 8-day class that includes Fieldcraft, we salute you. Give us a call to talk about creating a custom class.

Long-range Precision 1 is the meat of our training at Defenders USA /Crosswind Precision. In this 3-day class, you’ll learn, practice, and develop the fundamentals of long-range marksmanship that will get you on target in one shot at extreme long distance.

Building on LRP 1, Long-range Precision 2 is a 2-day class that takes shooters to a truly advanced level. You’ll learn how to accurately read wind, spot your shots, adjust for conditions, shoot at high angles, work on “mil-ing” unknown distance targets with your scope reticule, shoot from unconditional positions, use hold overs, hold unders, side holds, begin into Snipercraft, make accurate shots on moving targets, shoot extreme distances (out to 2003 yards), and make clutch shots under high pressure.



Registration are closed for this event.