Low Light Fighting Course (Rifle / Carbine & Handgun)

Date(s) - 08/18/2018 - 08/19/2018

Rocky Mountain Gun Club

This two day course is focused on introduction to and building realistic skills in effective fighting with both a fighting rifle / carbine and handgun in a low-light and no light environment. This is not a beginner course, with perquisites required of having attended our Defenders Series, or the Defensive Handgun II & II, or our Advanced Handgun Course, along with our Combat Rifle / Carbine Applications, and/ or the Fighting Rifle & Handgun Course.
Basically, realistic and high proficiency in handling and use of both weapons systems must be either known by us or demonstrable.

Other considerations for attending this course if not a student of previous Defenders USA courses is a prerequisite of provable, extensive, professional, and realistic firearms training with both handgun and fighting rifle systems, or as a full-time firearms carrier, such as sworn LE or solid MIL training (unfortunately, most standard MIL firearms training is not very good).
Unfortunately, we’ve had folks who believe they are weapons proficient, with even several being “firearms instructors”, who were not prepared for this course by showing up without solid, realistic training with their long guns and/or handguns.
To attend, you need to be proficient. And we can help you get there….see our other courses available.

This is an extensive, dynamic course, almost completely in an low light or no light environment in an indoor range, and also using a low-light shoot house once solid handing, shooting, movement, barricade use, tactics, use in and around vehicles, transitions, malfunction clearance, team skills, etc. are built and demonstrated.

The students will by pushed hard by experts with many years of training and actual operational and fighting experience in low-light environments. Come expecting to work hard, sweat a lot, shoot even more while being open to learning.

Items needed:
– Rifle / Carbine with weapon light and a good sling, 3 magazines, 1,000 or rounds of ammo
– Handgun with weapon light, reliable holster, 3 magazines, 650 – 1,000 rounds of ammo
– Spare flashlight(s) of good quality with multiple spare batteries
– Any kit, gear, and accessories you want to use
– Eye & ear protection

This course will start in a classroom, talking through low light and other considerations, but then quickly moving onto the range to begin working in a low light environment. All day Saturday and Sunday will be on the range in low-light or in the shoot house.

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