Night Land Navigation Course – Boulder, MT

Date(s) - 09/08/2023 - 09/10/2023

MT Ranch & Range (Boulder, MT)

The Night Land Navigation  Course is advance navigation moving in rough terrain utilizing a compass to move to a MGRS (Military Grid Reference System) location on a map without flash lights.
You will learn how to successfully to move your location on the map using a compass and map in the hours of darkness.

You will cover approximately 7k in distance, or the equivalent of 3.5 miles, during the training, some of which will be in rough terrain.
This course requires moderate physically fitness in order to successfully complete the training.

Training location:
2372 MT Hwy 69
Boulder, MT 59632

***NOTE: Please park along the fence line in front of the large barn at the end of the drive, or in front of the barn itself WITHOUT blocking any gate entrances, other roads or any of the ranch vehicles.
We will meet inside the classroom in the large barn, entering through the white door on the side of the barn.

***NOTE: Be on time. We will start on time and will not wait for those who are late. We will not hold up the class for that one person who always just has to be late to everything and no refunds will be granted because you chose to be late.

Items needed and suggested:
Durable, comfortable shoes or boots adequate for rough terrain are advisable, along with a spare pair of socks.
Clothing adequate for rough terrain and the varied weather conditions possible of the training location. Layers are advisable (Understand that only lightning or severe weather conditions will pause this training).
At least 1 gallons or 3.5 liters of water per day, with more available is advisable.
A Camelback or similar water carrying devices, able to hold a minimum of two quarts or two liters on your person.
A brimmed hat for sun protection.
Gloves for protection against rocks or severe weather.
Bug repellent
Flashlight/Headlamp with Red of Blue Lence
A brand new, Cammenga 3H G.I. Military Tritium Lensatic Compass and protractor will be provided for you to use and keep after this course.
NOTE: If you bring your own compass / protractor to this course, it needs to be a quality compass similar to the one listed above, and not a cheap, knock-off compass. Also, if you bring your own quality compass (listed just above or of similar quality), you will not be charged the full price as those who need to purchase one for this course.

Items NOT allowed in this course:
– Absolutely NO firearms by attendees, unless having attended a previous Defenders USA handgun course or of similar higher-quality, proven handgun training we confidently know means you’ve engaged is excellent training and should have the handling skills needed to bring a handgun to this course (please contact us prior to this course if you have questions in this area).
– A cheap, knock-off compass (see above)
– A GPS unit

This Night Land Navigation Course will be taught by Rick L., who is the lead instructor and former U.S. Army Ranger with Defenders USA and expert in the area of instructing land navigation courses.
Rick’s bio can be found on the Defenders USA website under the “About Us” tab.

The training schedule is as follows:

6:00 pm – 11:45 pm
Cadre Lead
Night Navigation (Training Area)

6:00 pm – 11:45 pm
Cadre Lead
Night Navigation (Training Area)

Feel free to contact the Instructor Rick L. or Adam Winch with any questions relating to this course. We look forward to this training with you!





Ticket Type Price Spaces
Land Navigtion Map & Compass Couse INLCUDES new Lensatic Compass(Boulder, MT)
The price includes a new high-grade Lensatic Compass
Land Navigation Map & Compass Course w/o purchasing a Lensatic Compass - Boulder, MT
This is for those already bringing a high-grade Lensatic Compass and WILL NOT be purchasing one through Defenders USA for this course.

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