Real Estate Agents Defensive Handgun Training – Grand Junction

Date(s) - 04/29/2019

Rocky Mountain Gun Club

This training session is only for those who are an active real estate agent or REALTOR®.

This will training event will start at 8 am, April 29th, at the Rocky Mountain Gun Club in Grand Junction, CO, and will end around noon. This training event will be held on April 29th, at the Rocky Mountain Gun Club in Grand Junction, CO. Please be in the classroom prepared to start at 8 am, the class will end around noon. For those who are interested and time allows, there will be an option for additional training and shooting time at an additional cost.

You probably know as a real estate agent or REALTOR®, you work in one of the most dangerous professions in America. You constantly meet complete or near strangers, and are often alone with these people in an enclosed and mostly soundproof box, as you meet in your office or show a property.

You hear of the attacks on agents; we’ve even trained some Colorado agents who have been attacked or stalked due to the profession and who’ve decided they would never allow themselves to become a victim again. You know what it’s like for the hair to stand up on the back of your neck when meeting “that client”.

There are a lot of strategies to avoid violence as an agent. This training is another one of those strategies designed to increase your abilities in avoiding becoming the victim of crime, to grow the odds of your survival if that day ever does arrive, and to help you become proficient with the modern defensive tool – a handgun.

Items needed:
Reliable holster, pants with belt loops, and a sturdy belt.
Closed-toe footwear
300 to 500 rounds of ammunition
Eye & hearing protection
Anything you want to eat or drink

Come with an open mind and willing to listen, ask questions, and work hard. We will be working together ingrain realistic, efficient, and safe handgun skills in you. It will take effort and thoughtfulness, so come ready.

If you have questions about handguns, holsters, etc., please call or contact us. And, if you are going to go out and purchase items, don’t buy guns or related gear without talking to us first. Let us help you. We won’t charge you anything; we’re just trying to avoid you getting poor items and finding out later how bad it might be.
Here’s why: most of the guns that are popular and are sold in the gun stores are not good for the defense of life. The types usually recommended by your “gun” family and friends are also not good – we can’t stress this enough. The gun gear sold and that most people seem to have is also usually rather bad.
So, please let us help. If you are going to buy – buy right once, cry once.

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We look forward to seeing you there.


Registration are closed for this event.


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