Simulator training

Date(s) - 03/31/2018

Rocky Mountain Gun Club

This will be blocks of training going on throughout the day and we will be using the simulator at the Rocky Mountain Gun Club. This will focus going through multiple scenarios where proper tactics, accuracy, and appropriate, legal levels and uses of force will be emphasized. This training will also increase understanding of how quickly defensive of life situations occur and the need for solid legal understanding and justifications for the level(s) of force used or the lack of force actually utilized.

This will be a fast-paced, law based, thought-provoking training experience and will absolutely enhance a true defenders mindset and grow legal preparation, all using the situational-ness of such incidents and the speed with which crime happens.

This a fun training and we always have rave reviews from the participants but it also really opens of the eyes to how complexities of conceal carry, actual defensive use of a gun, realistic stresses that accompany becoming the victim or witness of crime, and the humongous legal aftermath that will come if ever unfortunately forced to use to use force in defense of life.
This is training often used in law enforcement to help build in good reasoning, habits, while growing ones ability to do so with legal justification. Every gun carrier or owner, whether the expert or the complete beginner, will hugely benefit from this training experience!

Don’t the the serious sounding-ness of all this scare you away – it is a ton of fun!


Registration are closed for this event.

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