Ladies Situational Awareness

Date(s) - 02/11/2018

Four Corners Rifle and Pistol Indoor Range

This is a closed, private training event for the ladies of the Cortez area WST, or for those they invite.
This training event will focus on understanding and increasing personal situational awareness for the attending ladies.
This highly-acclaimed training has so far only been offered through multiple large corporations across Colorado for employees who often go to higher risk locations or deal with high risk individual on an everyday basis. Yet, this training is desperately needed for anyone, bringing needed heightened awareness and decreases the likelihood of becoming the victim of crime.


“From what I’ve experienced first hand and have heard from friends, this is THE BEST course you can find without going to another state and paying a lot more money. I plan on a refresher once a year too just to keep all of the great things I learned.”