Tactical Handgun – Grand Junction, CO

Date(s) - 05/01/2016

Outdoor Range (TBA in registration email)

The Tactical Handgun Course is the natural progression beyond our Defenders Series or our Combat Focused Shooting courses, and we generally will not accept anyone in this Tac Course unless solid proficiency have been demonstrated in the previous ones. Exceptions will occasionally be made based at the discretion of D-USA staff.

The Tac Course is a full day of advanced and unorthodox handling and shooting, all on the range. The skills from the Defenders Series or the CFS are reinforced quickly at the beginning of this course, and we’ll move forward from there.

This Tac Course will covers malfunction drills, one handed reloads and malfunction drills, 360 degrees draw strokes, unorthodox positional fighting and shooting, shooting from and best uses of cover and concealment, long range shooting, handling and shooting in and around vehicles, physical exertion shooting, shooting while defending others, extreme precision shooting, and more. The students will also engage in scenario-based responding to threats and will need to explain the legal justification for their actions or non-actions within the scenarios.
This is a mentally and physically challenging course, taking the students confidence and ability to defend life with a gun to even higher levels.

Each student will need to bring a handgun, reliable holster, three magazines, between 650-1000 rounds, eye and ear protection, weather appropriate clothing for an outdoor environment, and any wanted food or non-alcoholic beverages for this course. The lunch break will be not be lengthy and it is usually best to bring food for a lunch break there at the range.

Call 970-986-0774 with any further questions.

We look forward to seeing you in the Tactical Handgun Course.



Registration are closed for this event.


“I have a friend who is an experienced gun handler tell me about these “amazing defensive gun courses”. I thought he was just exaggerating. I decided to take a series and found out that there was no exaggeration whatsoever. Adam’s classes are incredible! This is a ministry for Adam that is dedicated to help each individual fully understand and experience ALL that he or she should know as a responsible gun owner. The typical NRA gun class compared to Adam’s class is like Cub Scouts verses Special Ops.; it is like timid ignorance verses in-your-face have a clear understanding. Adam not only has the knowledge and experience to cover all aspects of gun handling and ownership, he is a truly gifted teacher. It is no exaggeration to say that you would have to pay two to three times the amount Adam charges for similar courses that most likely wouldn’t come close to imparting the same knowledge and experience. If you have or want to obtain a CCW, if you own guns with any thought of defending yourself or anyone else, then you need Adam’s class. That is no exaggeration! My only regret is not having taken a course like this from Adam years ago. It has changed everything about my perspective of gun types and makes, defensive gun handling and legal considerations. His training techniques and anecdotes of personal experience will leave you with an invaluable lasting experience and knowledge.”