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    Jul 22 2023


    12:00 pm - 5:00 pm




    Handgun Fundamentals

    1/2 Day Handgun Fundamentals – Mesa, AZ

    Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club
    3960 N Usery Pass Rd, Mesa, AZ 85207, USA
    Saturday, Jul 22
    Noon to 5 PM

    The 1/2 Day Handgun Fundamentals is perfect for the brand new or novice handgun user who wants to grow, ability, confidence and skill in their handling, use, and shooting a handgun safely and accurately.

    It is ALSO excellent for the veteran handgun user who wants to revisit the fundamental to increase and fine-tune their skills, as the fundamentals are foundational to all good shooting. Even if you see yourself as a good shooter, you will absolutely will learn in this class and it will change some or much of how you handle and shoot, causing guaranteed improvements that will surprise you.

    We’ll start at noon at the Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club in Training Bay 2 and end around 5 pm.
    Training Bay 2 is near the Shotgun area of the range, with large log walls and a big awning. Parking is in the parking lot in front of Bay 1.

    This is a half day fundamentals class so we aren’t in the heat all day and we will focus on safety, grip, stance, platform, trigger press, and consistent, accurate shooting.

    Range Fee:
    There is also a Range Fee of $15 that will need to be paid in cash prior to the start of the course, so please bring that with you.

    We will focus on safe, efficient handling and accuracy with a handgun, building your confidence in the use of and shooting a handgun.
    If you have a safe or quality holster for your handgun, you will also be learning how to draw and re-holster correctly and safely. If you do not have holster for your handgun, that is not a problem.

    If you want to get a quality holster for before this class, we enthusiastically endorse Brent Hickmon of Haven Defense Co. for an excellent, custom-made holster. Brent is also an instructor with Defenders USA; he and his lovely wife make holsters on a full-time basis for incredible shooters all over America.

    Haven Defense Co.

    This is not a fast paced-class; it is a thoughtful, careful training session in order to build skill and confidence. We will focus completely on getting the basic fundamentals exactly correct and repeatable for each shooter, with safe, correct handling and accuracy as a result of good fundamentals.

    If the class as a general whole shows high proficiency in the above areas quickly, we will move into using a handgun with speed while also still engaging in precision.

    Items & information needed:
    2 to 3 magazines (if a semi-auto or striker fire handgun)
    150 to 200 rounds for a half day course
    Quality holster & sturdy belt (feel free to call with any holster questions)
    (NOTE: ***NO SERPA holsters or of similar design, NO collapsible holsters, NO sticky or pocket holsters, NO bra holsters, NO shoulder holsters, and NO purse holsters!!)
    ***If you do not have holster, that will not be a problem but please let us know ahead of time so we can make the arrangements for you to use a handgun safely without a holster during this class.
    Closed-toes shoes
    No shirts with plunging neck lines and a hat with a brim is highly recommended
    Eye & ear protection and a hat with a brim to the front
    Enough liquids to drink, as it will likely be hot, along with any food desired.

    Optional items & information:
    Magazine holders
    A chair
    Anything wanted to snack on.
    Any sunscreen or bug spray desired or needed.
    This is an outdoor environment and you will need to dress appropriately for the weather that day.

    This course will be taught by Adam Winch, Defenders USA’s founder and Lead Instructor. Adam is a certified Master Instructor, with over a decade as a law enforcement officer, on a SWAT team, eight years as an MP and soldier, and has trained over 20k people teaching across the American West. His bio can be found under the “About” tab of our Defenders USA website.

    Defenders USA:

    Feel free to contact us with any questions.

    Adam: 970-986-0774

    We look forward to seeing you there as you have a lot of fun and learn a ton!

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