Lora Thorson

Lora Thorson’s formal firearm’s training began in 2016 when she narrowly evaded a potentially tragic encounter. Feeling completely helpless in that moment and having no way to call for help, Lora now sees that moment in time as a wake up call in her life. She had used that learning moment as a catalyst to seek out urgently needed training, approaching this new calling with the same passion and burning desire to learn and grow that she attacks everything in life. Her expertise was soon recognized and she began her own calling of helping train others in the same skills she has meticulously developed so they also would never feel helpless if and when Evil visits.

Lora truly enjoys connecting with students and helping them grow in confidence and skill. She believes building solid shooting and mental foundations, especially in the beginning shooter, are integral in starting her students on the right path in their training.

Defenders USA is extremely proud to have Lora with us as we each seek to fulfill the calling she and each of us has – growing and honing the defensive mindset and skills our students desperately need.

In 2022, Lora started the Defenders LIVE podcast, a weekly livestream talking about the defenders lifestyle. Learn more at www.defenders-live.com or look up Defenders LIVE on FB, YouTube or Rumble.

Lora's Instructor Certifications and Credentials

  • Certified NRA Handgun Instructor
  • Certified Handgun Instructor through The Complete Combatant's “Deliberate Coaching” with Brian Hill
  • Certified NRA Range Safety Officer
  • Certified Active Self Protection Instructor
  • Former USCCA Instructor

Other Firearms Training:
Adam Winch, Defenders USA: 3-Day Handgun Training (x 3), 3-Day Fighting Rifle Applications with a Side of Handgun (x 2), Emergency Medical Trauma Training, Avoid the Criminal: Awareness, Safe Habits, & The Weaponized Mind, Mastering Handgun Speed & Accuracy (x2), Handgun Concepts to Win, Fighting Handgun Concepts

Sal Navarro, Montana Tactical Firearms Instruction, Inc: Basic Pistol, Intermediate Pistol, Advanced Conceal Carry Concepts, Carbine 1 (x2), Carbine 2, S.T.A.R.S. Self-Defense Course (x3), Room Clearance, Close Quarters Battle & Handgun Retention/Disarm Course, First Aid/Stop the Bleed Medical Training, Intro to Competitive Shooting – IDPA, Fast Strike & Sabre Pepper Spray Self-Defense Course

Lew Gosnell, Gunsite Academy: Attended on a Jeff Cooper Legacy Foundation Scholarship, 5-Day 250 Defensive Pistol; Achieved Marksman 1 status

Dave Jenkins, Rochester Personal Defense: Combat Kinetic Pistol

James Fleming, Warfighter Concepts: 1-Day Basic Pistol, 2-Day Intermediate Pistol, 1-Day Basic Carbine

Riley Bowman: 2-Day Pistol Intelligence