Long Range Precision 1 & 2

This course starts with a three day LONG RANGE PRECISION 1 course, taught by Defenders USA instructors Russell Anthon, Myles Standish, Hank Ownbey, and Adam Winch at the incredible Cameo Shooting & Education Complex in Cameo, CO. The course then moves into a two day LONG RANGE PRECISION 2, all of which is on the range.

A classroom portion will be held most of the first day, with the rest of the course on the zero and long distance ranges (out to 2,003 yards.).
This is not a bench rest shooting class. This is a field conditions class and we will rarely be shooting from a bench.

Approx. 40 to 45 hours (5 days)

The LRP 1 course is designed to expose students to the proper deployment and techniques for long range precision rifle applications.

Topics will include optics and adjustments, fundamentals of marksmanship, application of fire, environmental effects and weapons maintenance. This course of instruction will stress the fundamentals of marksmanship and precision shooting. Practical range training will include shooting targets at known and unknown distances, range estimation, various challenging courses of fire, and more.

Then LRP 2 will move into unconventional positional shooting, shooting at “snaps” and moving targets, high angle shooting, , hold unders, and more, while also utilizing all aspects of what was learned in LRP1.


Upon completion of this course the attendee will be familiar with:

1. Proper weapons maintenance
2. Rapid Deployment
3. How to estimate range distance & gather DOPE
4. Effectively engage targets at various distances in various weather conditions
5. Increased probability and confidence of first round hits at distance
6. Visualize and understand meteorological conditions and effects
7. Understand your rifle, caliber, scope, and equipment
8. Apply cosines to high angle targets
9. Clock the speed of moving targets using reticle and apply proper leads


Precision rifle and optic with subtended reticle (rifle should be zeroed or at least bore-sighted. Minimal time should be spent confirming zero.)

Your optic should have exposed turrets with either MIL or MOA divisions. The reticle should be a subtended reticle with either MIL or MOA subtensions. A standard Duplex reticle will not work for this course.

Rifle bipod and sand sock / rear support (please feel free to contact us for the proper build of a sand sock).

Match grade ammunition and magazines (400 rounds); feel free to contact us for ammo recommendations or possible ways to get the amount needed.

Eye and ear protection
Rifle Cleaning kit and lens cleaning kit
Scientific calculator (Texas Instruments TI-30 or similar)
Writing utensils and notebooks
Weather appropriate clothing (Weather changes fast in western Colorado)
Shooting mat and shemagh
Food and water
Bug spray / repellant


Anemometer / Kestrel / Barometer
Spotting scope / binoculars
Laser range finder
Infrared thermometer (Mechanic’s type)
Folding chair

Upon confirmation of paid registration, students will receive an email with the needed follow-up information.

For those coming from out of the area for this course, we recommend seeking lodging on or near Horizon Drive in Grand Junction.

We look forward to seeing you there!!

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