Seek or Be a Rabbi

Everyone needs a Rabbi, and every Rabbi needs to mentor. It’s one of the perpetual self-licking ice cream cones of life – one needs the other,


Love, Exemplified at Christmas

We’ve been so sick recently, our two little boys, my wife and me. It started with the boys, of course, getting a nasty flu bug

Fighting Handgun Concepts

“This ain’t free, ya know.”

I was teaching handgun stuff and filming content for our YouTube channel ((3) Defenders USA – YouTube) with friends and students on a range in


Where’s my dot?!

This last weekend, I taught a Handgun Speed, Accuracy & Movement class in Mesa, AZ. I shouldn’t have; I was recovering from a recent surgical


Higher Importance

Of our two little stinkers, my oldest is still out of school for the last week of his Christmas break. Today, we’re ensconced tightly on

Handgun Speed, Accuracy & Movement

Organized Noise

My older sister, Wendy, is a concert pianist who’s been playing since quite young, so I grew up to the sounds of a jangling piano.

Outside Course Reviews

Review: Apache Solutions IEP

Instructor Enrichment Program (IEP)Apache Solutions Firearms TrainingYadkinville, NC I was able to attend an invite-only, beta-test of Apache Solutions Firearms Training’s new instructor level course during November. This