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In addition to the courses below Defenders USA also offers courses in Church Security, Instructor Training, Sniper Craft, Speed and Precision Handgun, Advanced Rifle, and much more! If you don’t see a course listed please reach out to us at 970-986-0774.

Fighting Rifle Applications 1

The Fighting Rifle Applications training course is a high-caliber course developed to help prepare and train anyone in the efficient defensive and fighting use of the AR-15 or other fighting rifles / carbine platforms within the context of reality.

This course is a one-day training experience teaching basic to advanced combat-focused long gun shooting, handling, ballistics & zeroing, manipulation, fighting with a rifle, defensive concerns and posture, close quarters fighting to long range precision shooting, and a lot more. It is filled with live fire on the range and honing rifle / carbine fighting and shooting skills, while also addressing legal and physical concerns related to using this type of platform in close quarters and urban environments. We consider this course to be moderately physical. Many students think it is a fun, challenging, ball-buster. Either way, this training course will push each student to develop expertise with the rifle, no matter what each’s abilities and limits.


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