Alan S. – CHP & Handgun Fundamentals grad (July 2020)

“Hi Adam,
[My wife] and I wanted to thank you again for a truly wonderful course. Tried to say it yesterday during the ‘after action’ but don’t think I was very effective. I’ve been through many training events both as a career Marine and an aviator. The quality of courses and instruction varied greatly, but when it was ‘spot on’ it was always because of the love the instructor had for the subject matter. And that was certainly true of yesterday’s course.
Your review of the laws and regulations (and in particular the responsibilities) of gun ownership and employment was fantastic. You tied every training and teaching point to a real life event and brought the class’ imagination to that very situation. You made it personal to each of us.
Once in the range for the ‘Handgun Fundamentals’ course, your love of what you do was again incredibly evident. You put us at ease with a very detailed safety discussion of the firearms as well as a safety plan of action in the event of an accident. No other firearms course I’ve gone through has included that, and it so clearly represented how well planned and orchestrated your course is. Your progressive pace throughout the day was great and effective for the novice and experienced shooter alike. Having been around a few shooters and numerous weapons ranges one thing was immediately evident to me… your skill set is truly amazing. Anyone that has been around firearms/ shooters/operators will notice right away they are sharing the range with a ‘Jedi’.
Thanks for doing what you do and more importantly HOW you are doing it. In short: ‘Don’t Change Nothin’”

Semper Fi
Al S*****
LtCol USMC (Ret)

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