Brandon – Aug. 2015 Tactical Handgun Course graduate

“Thanks again for putting on yet another outstanding class. I thought it was time for a testimonial.

After several training courses with Adam at Defenders USA, I have come to understand that firearms training from a professional is essential and invaluable. Sadly, the majority of gun owners believe purchasing the gun and knowing how to pull the trigger is enough. Or that we’ve been shooting since we were kids and we know all we need to to protect ourselves. This mindset is so unbelievably wrong and dangerous. I understand that the 2nd Amendment does not mention that additional training is needed to operate your firearm. But common sense should tell us that just like we learn and train for other skills, we should do the same and train with our firearms. It is time to take the money you were going to spend on another gun and invest that into educating yourself instead. Defenders (USA) is not your typical cookie cutter training. Class time is fun, entertaining, and really dives deep into your rights for personal protection. And range time is a real eye opener. This is not your typical instructor who tells you to put ten rounds into a paper plate and says you are ready for the real world. This is training that helps you really understand the potential threats that we all hope we never face.
And if you have taken training with Adam, understand that your skills are perishable. Don’t stop with one or two classes and call it good. There is so much more to learn. Thank you so much, Adam, thanks so much bringing such great training to the Grand Junction area!”

Brandon T.
Snowmass Village, CO