I just wanted to give a little testimonial from the experience I received from your training. This past weekend I attended an Active Duty military pistol qualification course. I have been involved with these in the past and, but after attending Defenders training in March with my wife, I felt much more confident as to my technique on the range. It was a pop up target course with targets ranging from 10 meters to 35 meters. I normally am able to hit anywhere from 19-22 targets, but after using what I learned, I was able to qualify expert hitting 26 of 30 targets (I missed a 25 and 35 on the move). Thanks for the training, what you teach has real applications. I also was a range safety for this particular range afterwards and noticed myself on more than one occasion yelling “You only place your finger on the trigger when you are ready to destroy your target!”. Too funny. Rather interesting how many people have that bad habit. Thanks Adam, I will definitely keep passing the word about your class.


I Just Took the Most Amazing, Informative and Interactive Handgun course at Defenders USA, It is a 3 day, 20 hour course with half your time in the class room and the other on the range learning how to safely handle your fire arm and real life defensive training. I came to this class not being able to hit a broad side of a barn with my handgun and now I am able unload my handgun like an assault rifle but with precision and accuracy. Those of you that have CCW and have not had any training, even those of you that have you should really consider this course. Thanks Adam Winch