Carolyn – May / June 2015 CCW, Defenders Series grad, ITDS student, & Ladies Unarmed Self Defense student

Speaking of the Intro To Defensive Shooting (ITDS):

“I had so much fun when I went to this class; practice with fantastic instruction. I can’t wait to do the next Defenders Series!”


“This is a great class whether you have experience with handguns or are a complete novice. It is a nice balance of very important class work, gun training and practice with your gun in various situations. You will leave the class feeling tired, challenged and accomplished all at once. It’s definitely something I will do again because there is a lot to absorb and think through in a short amount of time. It is also really clear that all of these skills still need alot of practice on a consistent basis for me to really be as proficient as I will need to be if the situation ever arises that I actually need to use a gun in defense of myself or someone else. This education, hands-on training and practice are worth FAR MORE than every penny I spent to go through it and I will definitely be a repeat student!”